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Semipermanente de Lobos 1

By: Sir Leo
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 15-Oct-10
Current release: 1, on 23-Oct-10

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Screenie by: sir_leo_84
Screenie by: sir_leo_84
Screenie by: sir_leo_84
Screenie by: sir_leo_84
Screenie by: sir_leo_84
Screenie by: sir_leo_84

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Spa - Este es un circuito que marco a muchos seguidores del automovilismo argentino, debido a que en el mismo se fue uno de los mejores pilotos de la histora argentina y una persona con un enorme corazon.

Por el lado del circuito, esta en la ciudad de Lobos a unos 100 kms de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, siendo el cruce de las rutas 205 y 41 y la calle independencia. Un circuito rapido, con 2 cambios de mano y una curva de 90 grados.

Disfrutenlo y si lo van a convertir a simu TC, pidan su debida autorizacion!

Eng - This is a circuit under many Argentine racing fans, because the same was one of the best drivers of the historic Argentina and a person with a huge heart.

On the side of the circuit is in the city of Lobos to just 100 kms from the City of Buenos Aires, being the intersection of routes 41 and 205 and Independence Street. A fast circuit, with 2 changes of hand and a 90-degree bend.


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por mouras (Y)
Roxas!! on Jan-15-2011

and such a good track, but nothing as perfect and it came with some problems, I cite some problems with the tires on the side of the track, makes me very nervous when I'm running the race and hit the tire "invisible" and then turning over leaves, and the second thing that the runway and a little tight in some areas and damaging the race because of these reasons I already lost a race since the Scar turned around, and so nobody won the race, but thanks for the track!
victorry on Dec-02-2010

Interesting track but the AI has some problems with the corners.
makis on Nov-21-2010

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