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Shannonville Motorsport Park 1.10

By: jgmonty
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 03-Jan-10
Current release: 1.100, on 12-Mar-10

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Screenie by: jgmonty
Screenie by: jgmonty
Screenie by: jgmonty
Screenie by: jgmonty
Screenie by: jgmonty
Screenie by: jgmonty
Screenie by: jgmonty
Screenie by: jgmonty
Screenie by: jgmonty
Screenie by: jgmonty

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Shannonville Motorsport Park (SMP) is located approximently halfway between Toronto and Montreal in Ontario, Canada, and is arguably the Number #2 permanent road course in Ontario after Mosport. It consists of 4 race circuits with 'Nelson Circuit'(1.8km) and 'Fabi Circuit'(2.23km) being able to run simultaneously, the 'Pro Circuit'(2.47km) which uses both 'Nelson' and 'Fabi' circuits and runs around the perimeter, then finally but not least the 'Long (aka Full) Circuit'(4.03km) which utilises most sections of both the 'Nelson' and 'Fabi' Circuits. In addition, Fabi's long backstraight also doubles as a drag strip in real life, while alternate configurations on the Nelson Circuit are utilised for Karting Events. All-in-all making SMP an extremely versatile motorsport venue. The track is also used for "Ariel Atom" events.

The release for rFactor focuses on SMP's (4)Four Race Circuits and was based originally on the SCGT Mod by F4Racer from whom I obtained permission to convert and expand on his original SMP authorised work...

v1.1 Notes:
- Added Wet track versions to each of the 4 circuits
- New 24hour Skies (both wet and dry)
- New Horizons (both wet and dry)
- Experimental Lightning Effect (This is something I haven't seen attempted previously in rFactor, and I trust adds a little more immersion to the experience)
- Numerous new and/or updated "Eye Candy" re: Terrain, Buildings, Garages, Pits, Trackside objects etc. while retaining consideration for FPS
- Added Startlight to Nelson/Long Circuits in addition to exisiting Startflag Marshal as per real track
- Additional Night Lighting added
- Two bumps added to Pro Circuit (Dip/hollow at apex from Nelson section to Pro section and dip/berm where Pro section meets Fabi Section) as per available Track Notes and comments at CASC (
- Reworked AI and Terrain files
- Reworked Cameras
- All 4 circuits now offer 18 Pit spots, 54 Garage spots, and a defined 104 Car Grid

While I take no issue with individual project objects or textures being reused elswhere within the Sim community for non-profit use, I do request that permission is obtained prior to making any changes or conversions to and of this project. Further, that the Shannonville readme file remains included with any and all distributions of the project.

Concurrent versions for Simbin's "GTR2" & "GTR-EVOLUTION" are also released. Check or for GTR2-Shannonville1.1.7z and GTR-EVO-Shannonville1.1.7z download links. Or use your favorite internet search engine.

Yours in Motorsport,


Legal Disclaimer: This project is in no way officially affiliated with ISI, Shannonville Motorsport Park or any other Corporate identity and is solely offered for the enjoyment of the Sim community...

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jgmonty still looking for your permissions to convert to Assetto Corsa
MephistopholesXX on Jun-12-2015

jgmonty may i have your permissions to convert to Assetto Corsa ..... this is MY HOME TRACK i live 30 min away ..... thank in advance Dan Boersma aka Sphinx ( STEAM NAME )
MephistopholesXX on May-17-2015

hi monty, can we have permission to add timing to the dragstrip for our online dragracing league, DragFactor.
email me if you can so we can do it asap, regards trevor
mrnitro on Jul-19-2012

The nelson layout isn't right I think, I'm sure at the end it goes through the little C curve part instead of that little straight.
FryImaging on Oct-25-2010

Thanks jgmonty for giving me a heads up pertaining to the BKA errors related to the SKY files. I found a sky.gmt file in my rfactor root directory. I moved that file from the directory and this fixed not only my problem with Shannonville track, but also with the Monacco track that I had a similar problem with. Again thank you very much for pointing me in the correct direction. Your Shannonville track is awesome.
Dufoe on Mar-16-2010

Originally posted by: Dufoe

Love the track, but can only run the WET tracks. I keep getting a BKA error on all the dry tracks.

Mr. Dufoe, it might have helped if you had reported that this wasn't the only track you have been having BKA issues with as per your post of March 02 to Montoya re:

If you need help by all means drop me a PM and I will assist you with this issue seperately from the Shannonville release.


jgmonty on Mar-15-2010

Strange as this is the only report of this issue. not to mention that the track doesn't use BKA files for the horizon.... uses to

Are you trying to use a custom sky mod with the track?
If not, did you delete previous versions before installing as per the instructions?

What I can say, is that if it was the track, the issue should have been common to other users...

I expect we will find the issue to be a path problem where the correct skyboxi.gmt is not being found and reverting to default or rFactor another skyboxi has been introduced within the Shannonville folder.

Either way it should be easy enough to correct.

If you PM me some details, I will help you through it, but it seems that somehow you are calling the wrong skyboxi.gmt, rather than the one supplied with the track.

Originally posted by: Dufoe

Love the track, but can only run the WET tracks. I keep getting a BKA error on all the dry tracks.

jgmonty on Mar-15-2010

Love the track, but can only run the WET tracks. I keep getting a BKA error on all the dry tracks.
Dufoe on Mar-15-2010

Nice job! I have just been enjoying the different layout you provided in your track...awesome! Thanks for this track.
pablomarc on Mar-12-2010

After many long hours, v1.1 is finally released. While "only" a version upgrade, taking-on releasing for three different platforms simultaneously and all which that entails, especially not having having modded for GTR2 or GTR-EVO previously, as well as the additional wet circuits for rFactor and general overall updates turned in to a bit more of a juggling act than I had initially intended. That said, I can only trust I succeeded in the end, though knowing the community, I am sure I will hear, if not.... ;-)

At the very least, it was a good learning experience, and at best, hopefully a track that everyone will get some satisfaction from, while perhaps relieving some of the winter blues for my mates back in Canada as they start thinking ahead to the 2010 track season after a long cold winter.

Yours in Motorsport,

jgmonty on Mar-12-2010

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