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Shawn's Racing School 1

By: Shawn Purdy and Dave Purdy
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Open Wheelers
Initial release: 25-Jul-08
Current release: 1, on 25-Jul-08

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Screenie by: sPuR
Screenie by: sPuR
Screenie by: sPuR
Screenie by: sPuR
Screenie by: sPuR
Screenie by: sPuR
Screenie by: sPuR
Screenie by: sPuR
Screenie by: fery
Screenie by: fery

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Note: Use of the Rfactor default Trainer Model and some of its Graphics.

- Re-Textured Wheels,
- New modeled Steering Wheel
- New Modeled Dash With Analog Gauges
- Re-Textured some elements of the cockpit
- Completely scratch Done Physics
- New Skins
- Interface
- Spinner
- Some Improved Sounds - by Damian Dainhumain

This Car was designed to be a real training tool that will help devlop smoother driving behaviors that can help you not only in Sim Racing but Real Driving/Racing As well. Teaching upshift control and downshift control as well as Steering behavior thats predictable, Will allow u to push the limits and keep trying for a smoother racing line.

Highly Recommend Running without any aids including Auto Blip and Auto Lift.

RealFeel Settings


If you find the steering a bit too stiff. Raise the Damper up to 1000 or so. Or until your happy with the feel, As Controller Ini will play a big factor in how these numbers will feel You may have to adjust them some.

Shawn Purdy - Physics & Graphics
Dave Purdy - Physics
Damian Dainhumain - Sounds
Randy Stratton - Graphics Help

The mod is in continued Devlopment. So their will be updates eventually. I look forward to hearing everyones opinon. :)

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look beutiful,thank you very much,many new mods and tracks in rFactor,if you want play F1codmaster!you found it in rFactor.
dvittael on Dec-17-2013

This mod is absolutely delightful!

It's a shame that you guys haven't applied this same approach to more cars.
mclaren777 on Oct-02-2010

the stock rtrainer sounds suck so new engine sounds for the next update wouldn't hurt i guess
JJCarEnthusiast on Jun-14-2010

Originally posted by: Comerkid

nice mod, i like the physics, anyone know where i can find the templates?

I believe the rTrainer Template (link below) would be the one people use for skins in this mod. Don't quote me though.
JDEP on Nov-06-2009

nice mod, i like the physics, anyone know where i can find the templates?
Comerkid on Nov-04-2009

Stiffen the front and soften the rear helps to keep the rear under control.

When I first saw this mod here on RFC, I noticed it said Fantasy which usually puts me off trying but while looking for a car to race for a new league I decided to give it a go.

I am so pleased I did....This is a very enjoyable car to drive.
Since leaving iRacing I've found it hard to enjoy driving most of the mods our team are using in our current for fun league because of the arcade grip levels.

The physics in SRS remind me of the skip barber in iRacing (Not quite there) but very good.

Great work Shawn & Dave really impressed.
GrimDad on Jul-31-2009

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Shawn's Racing School