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Shipwreck Coast 0

By: Steve Tyler
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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A Fantasy GP sized Circuit built on a coastal location. It should be a pretty fast track but with enough sharp corners, visual features, bumps, hills and precarious cliff sections to hopefully keep it interesting. Screenshot is from my 3D renderer, not the Rfactor viewer, so its lacking the nice Gmotor shaders at the moment.

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Some time we have to getting the slow work that the browser working way so have to access in commend for require the clear bing search history you can secure to all data to clear the all creche and have to working browser fast.
online23 on Jul-12-2018

Yepper I have also been following this track for close to two years now ! I noticed a few tracks here on WIP the track maker said they have given up or scrapped the track ! Don't know why the moderator doesn't remove these tracks ? Just taking up bandwith
CaptBignuts on Oct-28-2008

is there gonna be a release? can we get the track that was being tested at least .i have been watching this track for like 2 years now. would love to run this thanks
ron35 on Oct-13-2008

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