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Sidecar Racing 1

By: hemetola
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Novel
Initial release: 21-Jul-12
Current release: 1, on 21-Jul-12

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Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola
Screenie by: hemetola

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Sidecar Racing mod by hemetola.

Some pics:

One lap on Laguna Seca:

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Great mod. Sounds are fun!!!
google maps street view
email sign up
seoelementary on Mar-15-2017

Another great point to point track from togomez.
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little red riding hood costume
wonder woman costume
newstart027 on Nov-08-2016

Updated Sidecars mod with improved physics now available with permission from hemetola (Thanks mate!)

rFc seems to be taking a loooong time to publish updated version so here's a quick link to a YT clip which also has a link to download update.
FPS is MUCH better, dash now works & is the no longer back to front & physics are more like the real thing.
Be sure to check out the READ ME for 'bonus' tracks for Race Season
BLeeK on Jan-07-2015

Gday Hemetola, tried to message a while ago but dunno what happened...
May we please update this mod?
It is just about ready...
Model has been tidied up, physics & camera's & a couple of other little bits rebuilt or tweaked...
This thing now FEELS real & absolutely hammers- HUGE fun!
May we please???
PM me for a link please Hemetola, Im sure you'll say yes!
BLeeK on Jun-01-2014

Mine started, menu was fine, but tested at Toban, only to see a completely black vehicle with no textures. My computer then froze, and proceeded to bluescreen.
rfactorcasual on Aug-26-2013

wauw looks great

thanks for creating this mod, this I have to try
Jack_NL on Dec-26-2012

Hiya Hemetola,
A mate of mine has NEARLY got down a properly modified version of some physics (HDV file) with the wheel placement & track proportionately correct for a side-car (just in the throws of getting the braking corrected...) & it feels SO damn close & it's based all on your Mod.
It's all based on the current F2 (600cc class) rule book.
The only thing we can't manage is the weight bias of a passenger leaning, although in rF that would only be rather minor...
Would you be interested in sampling & possibly releasing as part of the next version?
If so please PM me for a link of the shared file ;-)
BLeeK on Sep-04-2012

Sidecar Battle on Isle Of Man:
hemetola on Aug-02-2012

This mod is very fun, but it makes my computer lagging even though with other mods and 50 cars on Le Mans, there is no problem.
More sidecars would be good too.
Thanks you.
Vautour Boiteux on Jul-27-2012

Hello, I am very passionate about sidecar speed and I think this mod is not bad. some small thing to be reviewed but overall not bad. I made some skins for this mod but I do not know how to post them on the site. if someone could help me it would be cool.
tchoum22 on Jul-27-2012

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