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Silverstone 1987 - 1990 1.92

By: 7UpJordan
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 19-Mar-09
Current release: 1.925, on 18-Apr-10

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Screenie by: 7UpJordan
Screenie by: 7UpJordan
Screenie by: 7UpJordan
Screenie by: 7UpJordan
Screenie by: 7UpJordan
Screenie by: 7UpJordan
Screenie by: 7UpJordan
Screenie by: 7UpJordan
Screenie by: 7UpJordan
Screenie by: 7UpJordan

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

"The crowd today put five seconds in my pocket a lap when I was catching Nelson (Piquet)" - Nigel Mansell, 1987 British Grand Prix.

Now it is your turn to be willed on by the crowds that would flock to Silverstone for Mansell-Mania on this classic configuration of the Silverstone circuit from 1987 to 1990.

Will the crowd give you the egde over your nearest rival? Will you break the lap record 13 times consecutively whilst you bear down on his gearbox? Want to "sell him a dummy" like Mansell did to Piquet when he overtook him into Stowe in 1987?

Tracks included:

1987 British Grand Prix
1988 British Grand Prix
1989 British Grand Prix
1990 British Grand Prix
Silverstone Grand Prix circuit
Silverstone Club circuit
Silverstone National circuit
Silverstone Grand Prix circuit with Woodcote Chicane
Silverstone Classic circuit

Version History;

v1.0 - Initial release

v1.1 - Bugs from initial release fixed as follows;

- Wall missing from side of "VIP Pitlane suites" is now visible
- New texture for "OPEL" billboards
- BRDC Clubhouse texture re-sized - this caused crashes for some people in the initial release (with thanks to raider06 for identifying this bug)
- Terrain which was sticking through the side of the Hangar straight bridge has been fixed
- Crowd sinking into the hangar straight bridges removed - they shouldn't have been there in the first place!
- Exiting kerb from the classic Woodcote chicane used for the Silverstone GPchic, National and Classic circuits has been repositioned to allow a faster exit from Woodcote chicane, AIWs have been re-done accordingly
- Hangar Straight bridge and Fosters gantry from 1990 British GP circuit kept receiving shadows when cars drove underneath them, this has now been fixed
- Timing for Club and National circuits did not work originally due to sector GMTs being missing, a fix was initially uploaded but this release now includes it

v1.2 - Bugs from v1.1 fixed as follows;

- Abbey Curve has been re-profiled slightly and is no longer bumpy
- Some billboards only appeared in either qualifying or raceday on some of the tracks, these are now permanently visible
- Pitwall rail was invisible on the inside, it is now visible on both sides

v1.3 - Further Bugs and fixes from v1.2 as follows;

- Pit Lane exit is now smoother and bump-free
- Pit Garage buildings have been re-done and now can hold up to 39 cars, AIWs altered to accomodate this
- Pit Garage from 1990 British GP now has camera railing as seen during the 1990 British Grand Prix weekend
- VIP boxes building near pit lane has been extended to fix innacurate original length
- New accurate textures for "Shell Oils" and 1987/1988 "Rover" logos

v1.4 - Further Bugs and fixes from v1.3 as follows;

- Billboard corrections for 1987 circuit (Mobil 1 logo replaces Fosters Logo on one of the start/finish straight stands and Toyota logo replaces Shell oils logo on top of Race control tower)
- Press Center on top of first set of garages removed from 1987 circuit (this wasn't added until 1988!)
- Small building at the exit of Copse moved into correct position between two of the Copse grandstands
- Static shadows for trackside buildings and grandstands removed - only dynamic shadows for pit buildings and bridges remain - big FPS gain through the start/finish complex!
- Updated texture for Shell Unleaded logo

v1.5 - Significant upgrade from v1.4 with following changes;

- New track cams from Albert McSaltens
- Billboard textures re-done to show more a textured effect
- Track surface re-mapped and now features much improved textures
- Kerb on the inside of Copse corner re-shaped into more accurate shape
- Between Maggotts and Becketts now lies a small "kink" in the straight between the corners, this was present on the old Silverstone track which wasn't originally put in when I first made the track
- As a result of the "kink" the entry to Becketts is now a lot more open
- AIW's re-done, including new fueluse settings provided by Albert McSaltens
- Podium moved into a more correct position
- Different texture for billboard supports
- New texture for Philips Car Stereo billboards
- Texture quality on grandstands improved through tweaking of Mip bias and specular settings
- Trees added near the BRDC Clubhouse
- Start lights model altered and improved

v1.6 - Further updates and fizes from v1.5 as follows;

- Annoying bump just after the start/finish line has been removed along with some bumps on the grid
- Transparency on billboard frames fixed so now they won't keep appearing infront of the crowds and fencing
- Billboard texture correction on 1988 track, Ford Sierra Logo is replaced with "Ford Cosworth Adventure" logo
- New textures for crash barriers
- Pit Lane exit is now COMPLETELY bump free
- Undulation on approach to Abbey Curve reprofiled

v1.7 - Further updates from v1.6 as follows:

- Bridge supports from Daily Express/Fosters bridge altered so that they aren't invisible from one side
- Grandstands and building near Start/Finish line modified for accuracy
- Main Grandstand now contains logo for "Shell Oils British Grand Prix" (1987 1988, 1989) and "Fosters British Grand Prix" (1990)
- Slopey roofs removed from pit garages, they are now flat
- BRDC clubhouse model altered slightly
- Crash barrier added infront of concrete wall near pits on 1989 and 1990 tracks

v1.75 - Bug from v1.7 as follows;

- SCN file error on two terrain GMT's meaning they would not receive shadows (particularly the terrain near the Daily Express bridge)

v1.8 - Further updates from v1.75 as follows;

- Some extra trackside scenery added
- New texture for various asphalt areas (not track)
- Terrain TDF files modified making the road surface smoother
- Annoying bumps removed from middle of Copse corner and entry to Stowe
- "Dip" in run-up to Copse made shallower, it was too deep previously

v1.85 - Small updates from v1.8 as follows;

- Caster objects added for objects creating shadows - should improve FPS some more
- Fosters F logo on Hangar Straight bridge on 1990 track moved a little further out to stop flickering on Track Cams
- Grandstands at Woodcote spaced out for realism
- Modified Track cams

v1.9 - Further updates from v1.85 as follows;

- Terrain file modified
- gdb files fixed so it refers to the Terrain file, lighting positions and qualifying laps also altered
- Supports on grandstands changed
- Camera at start/finish line added to the track cams

v1.925 - Fix from v1.9 as follows;

- numstartlights line removed from gdb files as this messed up the race start proceedure

Piddy - For creating Bobs Track Builder. Without him and his program, this project wouldn't have been possible.

Albert McSaltens (f1seventies) - Advice, track cams, BETA testing

Nerbur (f1seventies) - GMT modelling for some buildings around the track

Montesky (f1seventies) - Advice

ennisfargis - various textures from his BTB XPacks

Valiante - BETA testing

ISI - Some of the track objects originally coming from their ISI Northamptonshire track

GP4 Silverstone track - TV screens and camera cranes converted from this track

A big thank you to all.

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Sir 7UpJordan,thank you very much,look very nice track from screenshots,than's again for this work.
dvittael on Mar-15-2013

Thanks for all your hard work..and for sharing it!
EagleFeather on Apr-24-2012

Really fantastic track. It's a blast driving the TCL mod round there. Great job!
myfrontpage on Mar-26-2010

the 1.85 update breaks the track for me. The trackside textures are missing and make the track undriveable. I've tried the 1987 and 88 layouts.
guybo on Jan-10-2010

Any chance you can provide a link to each revision, some servers havnt updated, or generally can be slow to update revisions.

deeviator on Dec-27-2009

This building has been added for v1.8, I had been wrecking my brain for ages trying to work out what it was but never got any good pictures of it, but now I've got it.
7UpJordan on Dec-13-2009

This track just keeps getting better and better! Great work 7up.

BTW apologies if this is already in the track in v1.8, but for info, in 1989 at least there was a huge hospitality building on the outside of Abbey. Theres a good shot of it from 0.14 to 0.17 in this video when Mansell had a flat front right in the '89 British GP.

Thanks again for a great track!
JBT on Dec-12-2009

If you have download v1.7, please download this update to v1.75. There was some problems in the SCN file for some terrain GMT's which wouldn't receive shadows, so this has been fixed, and you won't need to re-download the entire track.
7UpJordan on Oct-09-2009

If you have download v1.7, please download this update to v1.75. There was some problems in the SCN file for some terrain GMT's which wouldn't receive shadows, so this has been fixed, and you won't need to re-download the entire track.
7UpJordan on Oct-09-2009

Rapidshare 1.7 link doesn't work.
slider916 on Oct-08-2009

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