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Silverstone Circuit (rFactor2) 1.35

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 27-Jun-13
Current release: 1.350, on 05-Jan-15

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Located near the Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire border in southern England, sits Silverstone Circuit, a state-of-the-art 3.66-mile racing facility, and current host to the British Grand Prix.

The track is used by Formula One, FIA World Endurance, FIA GT, British Touring Cars, British GT, and a vast array of lower formulas and historic racing events.

Silverston V 1.35 Released:
This update includes a number of small fixes and tweaks, a very important fix for the GT AIW (AI driving lines), and the addition, finally, of a working National configuration.

Silverstone 1.14 Released:

Silverstone Circuit v1.01 -> v1.14 Changelog

- Increased surface mesh density at The Link and Maggots Corner for short layouts
- Added and enhanced 3D modelled surface details based on accurate data
- Added International layout
- Replaced GP Layout with GT Layout (41 garage spots)
- Added Concrete Blocks to prevent wandering beyond limits on short layouts
- New default weather preset for GT and International Layouts
- Added Medium Rubber RealRoad presets
- Reworked Light Rubber RealRoad presets
- Added International layout cameras
- Fixed inaccurate Sector 1, Sector 2 and Pit In timing lines (Pit In is now at the FIRST line)
- Fixed multiple small terrain gaps
- Fixed incorrect material on old pit building roof
- Fixed Collision for Bridges
- Fixed Collision for PitWall Gates
- Fixed Smoothing on Grandstand at Club Corner
- Fixed Smoothing on wall at Club Corner
- Fixed light glow being always enabled
- Fixed (most) annoying popups
- Fixed Daylight Saving Time zone
- Tweaked terrain textures and materials for less aliasing and a tiny bit more depth
- Tweaked wall materials for a tiny bit less aliasing
- Tweaked Vegetation textures and materials
- Tweaked RealRoad texture
- Tweaked Glass materials
- Tweaked Vehicle materials
- Optimized 3D Tyre Walls for better and smoother performance
- Optimized Armco for better and smoother performance
- Optimized Armco details for better and smoother performance
- Optimized Vehicles for better and smoother performance
- Optimized Shadow Casters for better performance
- Optimized LOD distances for better performance
- Optimized Reflection Maps for better performance
- Optimized Crowds for better performance
- Optimized Terrain objects for smoother performance
- Optimized Grandstands for better performance
- Optimized Props for smoother performance
- Optimized Omni Lights for International layout
- Optimized Vegetation
- Optimized Grass and Gravel Verges
- Optimized Terrain textures
- Optimized Vehicle textures
- Optimized Building textures

- Performance should be improved by an average of 15-30% over v1.01 depending on detail settings.

- Smoothness should be improved by an average of 25-35% over v1.01 depending on detail settings; up to 45% in most previously heavy stutter areas.

- Texture size reduction by 35% should also free up some VRAM by a fair amount, regardless of detail settings;
- Existing 1.01 GP Layout has been replaced by what we now call GT Layout; which is the same layout with extra garage spots.

Download: (note that you can order lists on this page now by clicking the black text headers above. Scroll to the tracks, then click DATE twice to see Silverstone at the top as the latest updated.

This REPLACES v1.01.

Please delete v1.01 and install 1.14.

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