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Silverstone Classic 2007 1

By: Danf and ISI
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 16-Nov-08
Current release: 1, on 16-Nov-08

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Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF

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Home of German round of the European Rallycross Championship.

First staging a rallycross event in 1972, Estering is the oldest european championship venue.

Thanks to Madcowie for use of his trackside objects and 6e66o for sky texture.

Generated using Bobs track builder and 3dSimed, this track is intended to resemble layout for late 80's - early 90's period, based on video footage.

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Guys i resized files what started with RMBLA2 and it worked for me
rFPlanet on Jan-02-2010

I'm getting the same error as doc303 about RMBLA2GRASS texture on both this and the Classic 2008 track. All other Northamptonshire variations work fine so hopefully someone can figure this out and help us.
scubasteve85 on Jul-09-2009

Thanks for this matey, it's much appreciated. I wish they'd get rid of the Abbey chicane for good, the sweeper is so much better! If it's safety they're bothered about, there's plenty of room for more run-off, as long as they get rid of the tiny infield Abbey grandstand.

Here's hoping they go back to the old Abbey again for the` 2009 Classic!
aj_1986 on Nov-25-2008

sorry my bad, I failed to read the instructions FULLY. once i extracted it to the Northamptonshire directory all is good, very nice looking track and a fast layout to race the McLarens on, thanks for the hard work, and sorry for the bogus post. Peace Out, Busted!
Bustedknuckles5 on Nov-19-2008

crashed both my dedicated server and my game at the same time when trying to load this track. I dont think that the folder structure is correct, most have 2 folders. but i could be wrong.
Bustedknuckles5 on Nov-19-2008

I get the same error, and it's installed into the Northamptonshire directory, all the other variants work for me!
Rockmunky on Nov-18-2008

Originally posted by: doc303

Error loading texture rmbla2grass for material RMBL_A2GRASS

can you fix this ?

Is track extracted to correct location and can you confirm that other Northamptonshire variants work OK?

I'll check it out here.
DanF on Nov-18-2008

Error loading texture rmbla2grass for material RMBL_A2GRASS

can you fix this ?
doc303 on Nov-18-2008

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