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Silverstone Classic 2008 1.10

By: Danf and ISI
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 29-Oct-08
Current release: 1.100, on 03-Nov-08

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Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: halama123
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF
Screenie by: DanF

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Small addon for ISI Northamptonshire circuit.

Recreates layout used for 2008 Silverstone Classic, with faster Vale corner leading into club. Also has additional marker cones.

Big wheel used from TTTTT/Mini Maestro/F1Driver excellent Suzuka conversion from GP4.

Recommended for use with texture update by SLN and 'Red texture update' by 6e66o.

Known bugs - flashing numbers in top lh corner - if anyone knows how to get rid of this, please let me know.


Includes 6e66o 'Red' texture update to correct CTDs reported from v1.0 (many thanks for permission)
Re-named Classic GP 2008 in track selection
Additional marker cones added to outside of priory
Various breakaway signs removed to improve appearance and increase FPS (slightly)
Flashing number bug corrected

Delete previous version. Extract in rfactor/gamedata/location/northamptonshire.

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new Silverstone 2010 :

bridge layout :
cico76 on Apr-25-2010

I love you. The track looks absolutely epic. I can't even remember what the original textures looked like, because i'm just starting at that grass. Sex on a stick. Great job. 5 minutes and 3dsimed = 2008 layout
doser on Mar-07-2010
doser on Mar-07-2010

OK basically guys ignore both download links on this page. They are for the broken v1.0. I found a mirror for v1.1 and now it works. The track is absolutely wicked, but why is the Abbey Chicane missing. I'm confused as to why there's 2008 in the name of the track, if its got a layout that they haven't used since like 1990 lol ---- Anyway m8 --- awesome work ---- I guess with a couple of hours in 3DSimEd i'll be able to make it the 2008 layout. ---- Awesome work.
doser on Mar-07-2010

You also have v1.1 in the changlog. But both download links say v1.0. This track is rated highly, and sounds very good - so it's a shame it's impossible to start. It cannot load the texture "WALLCNCRT_LEWIS" for "CMWL_OUTERWALL_LEWIS". This is clearly not an original ISI file, so there's definately a missing file.
doser on Mar-07-2010

I was expecting to install it and prove the previous guy wrong by getting it to work instantly. But it doesn't. For me it complains about ---- It looks to me like there's a bunch of textures missing. --- You say "Recommended" but I think you mean "REQUIRED" when you mention the Red Texture update etc. Because the track definately doesn't work with the original Northamptonshire ISI alone. ----- I'm no dope, I am fully capable of converting tracks etc, but it doesn't work. I will keep trying random things but I think you need to include something else with the track to make it more available to people.
doser on Mar-07-2010

Hey I can't get the track to work. Crashes on loading with an error about RMBLA2GRASS texture. I thought maybe I needed to still install the red texture update so I installed that to all the northamptonshire tracks and then got the same problem with all other northamptonshire tracks. This leads me to believe it has to do with the red texture update included in the track. So I deleted the file tried loading British GP layout and got an error for RMBLA2ASPHALT texture and then deleted that .dds file and the regular Northamptonshire tracks work but now some kerbs are blue and Classic 08 and 07 still don't work. Anyone know how to fix this and still have the red texture update? Thanks.
scubasteve85 on Jul-09-2009

sorry double post
g8r on Nov-08-2008

the flashing numbers are something to do with the scoreboard...I have inadvertently done that to some of my tracks
g8r on Nov-08-2008

This version does have Abbey chicane, 2007 version which I am working on now will not.
DanF on Nov-05-2008

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