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Sim Racing News Android App 1

By: James Linnell

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This is an Android App called Sim Racing News.

This app has 2 parts to it.

Firstly it takes all the latest news from and and puts it into an organized feed so you can keep up to date with the latest sim news.

The second part gets the RSS feed from and and displays a list of the latest mods. The good thing is that you can tick certain mods that you think you would like to download and send an email reminder to yourself so that you can go straight to the web page for that mod when you get home.

I realize it's not solely an rFactor mod but I thought rFactor is part of a big sim racing community so it would be ok and rfactor is included as a big part.

Hopefully it's ok to use rfactorcentral as a source?

There are a few issues with it, mainly down to using 4 different RSS sources that are not all the same, but I've done my best to make it the best I can.
I'm open to suggestions of how to make it better and also on any bugs that may arise.

If you feel you would like to support me you can by donating a small amount.

I will of course try to update this when I can.


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jenistein on Aug-12-2018

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jenistein on Aug-12-2018

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Alannah751 on Mar-13-2018

MarcG, This is a problem that is probably fixed now. Also it could be that it's from an rFactorCentral RSS feed. The description tags in the rFactorCentral RSS feeds are quite small, usually 1 line of text, so that's why you'll see a blank area where the description should be. I will be looking at a way to imrove this in future releases, by actually trying to look for the relevant text in the HTML page of that item, but that is a way off yet.

To everyone,

I have now completely re-written the code that deals with the downloading and storage of the RSS files. So much so that, from a coding point of view at least, it's a different app, and I have learnt a lot by doing this.

I am now asking for you help. I realise a lot of people got frustrated with this app not working and for that I'm really sorry, it's unacceptable to release in that condition. If you still have the app, can you please update it, and if you don't have it anymore please can you install it and see if it works. I really want some feedback on the functionality. Does it display the information downloaded? Is it downloading properly? I'd especially like to hear from those that had problems with it in the past.

I also ask that if you do have problems then please reply to me here, or to the support email address given on the download page. I would prefer to hear about the problem first hand then to get a negative comment in the Android Market place, because doing that, doesn't help me fix it.

The current version is 1.1 so please download that, which can be found here.

Thanks very much for you help. And hopefully if it works I can start getting some positive feedback on the market place.

Phlub on Mar-04-2011

Phlub, on my HTC Desire i'm not getting any description of the Latest Downloads. Theres a blank space where I think it should be, although for the util 'Upgrade Checker 0.95...' I see part of the description reading "This utility will read the" and thasts it, so my guess is the RSS feed is still not right? not sure though, hopefully you know. This is with the very latest version v1.04.

Also an e-mail addy for bugs/ideas in the 'About' section would be handy, saves posting here all the time
MarcG on Feb-17-2011

There were a few errors with RSS downloading in this app. I have now published a major update, I changed a few things with regards to how the data is downloaded from the RSS feeds. I think the problem was 2 fold, 1, the RSS download was running in a background thread and I think it was timeing out before it finished, this has now been completely re-written, 2. I think that on a loss of connection, even for a micro-second the RSS would stop being read and so return either nothing or very limited info. I've now changed this so that the data is buffered, hopefully meaning that it should not be a problem. However if you do have a very bad connection it is likely just like any app that it will not download the RSS feeds however it does now warn you of this.

Please make sure you're updated to version 1.04, and fingers crossed.
Phlub on Feb-15-2011

yeah like the little logo idea, I see your point about a donation thats fair.
I look forward to future updates
MarcG on Feb-12-2011

Good ideas MarcG, I especially like the one about having different colours for different Sims. Instead of doing that though, maybe display a small icon of the Game logo next to the feed Title.

Number 1 is a good idea, expanding on that maybe you could set preferences of the different sims that you're interested in, so it would only display the ticked items.

point 3. The reason I didn't do that is because I wanted it to be totally free. I thought having a paypal donation would be better. In any case there are still bugs, which still need to be sorted and I certainly won't make a chargeable version until it's at least the simplest bugs are ironed out.

Thanks for the encouraging words, it's good to hear.
Phlub on Feb-12-2011

Superb App well done on making it, some ideas for future releases:

1) When selecting "Latest Downloads" have it remember your favourite game, personally I only drive rFactor so to have a setting that allows "Latest Downloads" toi skip straight to rFactor stuff would be great.
2) in the "Latest News" section maybe have different colours for different titles news? if possible, example: the App code finds a keyword (rFactor for example) and automatically highlights that news iteam as Blue so it grabs your attention straight away.
3) Donate and get an Ad-Free version, something I do alot of is get the Pro versions of Apps which do away with the adverts.

if I think of anything else I'll pass it on, I'm no coder so apologies if my top 2 suggestions are wacky
MarcG on Feb-11-2011

Hi, G25driver. Yes I'm looking into this problem, this seems to be a problem a few people are having if their Android OS is lower than 2.2. to help me fix it could you please tell me which phone you are using and the Android OS version you are using. This would be helpful.
It was developed for Android 2.2 so it may just be that it will only work with that.
Phlub on Feb-10-2011

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