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Singapore 2009 Track 1

By: F1WCP and Kevin Button
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 24-May-10
Current release: 1, on 24-May-10

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Screenie by: [RFC]-Fresh!
Screenie by: [RFC]-Fresh!

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

The Marina Bay Street Circuit (otherwise known as the Singapore Street Circuit) is a street circuit around the city state's Marina Bay and is the venue for the Singapore Grand Prix.[1] The track is 5.1-kilometres (3.15-miles)[2] long in a harbourside location similar in style to the Monaco Grand Prix and the new circuit in Valencia.

The circuit is designed by KBR, Inc.,[3] a modification of the original one first proposed by Hermann Tilke.[4]

Based on the Track of Tommy Champions

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there isnt even a working link...EVER
NerfHerder52 on Apr-27-2012

MAS reading error
nauret on Aug-27-2011

Yep and the rest is taken from SlimJim... No credit there either.
Bjorn on May-25-2010

Many textures and other things are from the LMT Version without any permission to use them.
g0ldf4lc0n on May-25-2010


That would be a first for F1WCP!

F1WCP Turkey = Copyright Infringement + Taken from Race On
doser on May-24-2010

I got a virus warning with that download link.
davido53 on May-24-2010

hello people, here is the link! thanks
valentenik on May-24-2010

Sunglasses realize better the link in the description of the track. Another weak version of this track.
NAD on May-24-2010

Where's the dl link ?..........again
sigee on May-24-2010

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