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Singapore LMT 0.80

Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 06-Nov-08
Current release: 0.800, on 06-Nov-08

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Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000
Screenie by: Skyshooter1000

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LMT is the modding team from Normally we don´t release our work. But this time we make an exception and release our Singapore track v0.8.


Orginal track: F1 Friend Team

Conversion to rFactor: TommyChampoin

Layout changes, realistic lightsystem, cams, terrain, AIW changes,
textures (Singapore-Flyer, night"look" and road) :
Alexander Schley alias The Undertaker

Tree and building textures: 6e66o

Remember this is just a beta version and it is not perfect and not 100% accurate.

You can modify the track if you want to. But show your credit and name the modders who made this version.

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Track Layout
Racing Line
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Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Realistic Track Surface
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Update 2010

http://simracingstuff.blogspot...pore-2010-release.html on Apr-19-2011

v0.9 near perfect (bumps, T10...) but cars seem to float 10cm above track (tried FSONE09 and ISI BMW08 F1 mods). any way to fix it? thnks
Jaromir83 on Nov-25-2010

I want to praise LMT for their Ferrari f60 car. It is well modelled, much better than fsone's f60, and the physics are very satisfying, ie twitchy but catchable. Thanks, I look forward to more work from these guys.
rich1701 on Oct-23-2010

Update 2009 (new pit exit) on Nov-28-2009

Gran Circuito, pero demasiado rapido. La Chicane se puede tomar como una curva de izquierdas. ¿ Es posible hacerla más estrcha para tomarla como en la realidad ?
Habria que revisar algunas curvas y pianos.

eddie74 on Sep-27-2009

Does anyone know why on this track, with certain cars, it looks like they're floating?
Plebite on Sep-16-2009

I hope for an update because the track looks great, gives better FPS than other Singapore Bay track, but... e.g. with CC06 AI cars hit the wall frequently in the left turn after the first long straight as well as after the double chicane. My impression is that the track lacks some grip.
mcfritt on Jan-24-2009

Hi! Will there be a final version on RFC or should 0.8 be considered as the final "open" LMT Singapore track? Greetings... McF
mcfritt on Jan-24-2009

excellent graphics but whan I raced with MMG 2.1 version on that track every car crashed the wall at the end of the back street..every time they crashed..Other hand very very beautiful track more think I think pit entry located wrongly..
gundwane1978 on Dec-17-2008

Junger, great bump fix. Track is nearly perfect now, thank you very much for the fix
Tebacka on Nov-24-2008

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