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Single Player F1RFT2011 Add On 1

By: Nicola Acciarri

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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This is an Unofficial add-on for F1 RFT 2011 Mod assembled for R Factor.
This Add-on is made for “off-line” player.
This pack offers new specific engine and physics files for each F1 2011 Team, together with new tire sets, Upgrade files, veh files, AI setup files and basic setups for human player; there are also AI autolearning files allowing AI drivers to follow in race the best CC lines in almost* all tracks included in RFT Track Pack; You find also new RCD ( Talent ) files for AI drivers, realistically edited in their skill values and biographical data, updated to the GP of Brazil 2011. Finally, there are new track files: AIW files, for a correct AIRange value; tdf files for allowing a new track grip for realistic
laptimes and better driving feeling; GDB files in some circuits for a correct laps number in race.

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Latest Single Player F1RFT2011 Add On Comments

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granite countertops thanks for this awesome game. love it
looneyhans on Nov-11-2020

The link is dead please somebody reupload really want this

Thanks in Advance
Philip00 on Apr-10-2018

Link not working! plz fix
edu747 on Oct-03-2013

I think Ho3n3r means the player car controled by AI. It doesn't pit for tires, only for fuel, and as we can't change fuel, it doesn't pit at all. But I think this an rfactor problem, I can't find a solution for this also.
nandorock80 on Sep-03-2012

Non ti proccupare: sicuramente erano cose più importanti....Grazie per il video.
acciarri on Apr-19-2012

Video here:

p.s. scusa nicola se non mi son fatto più sentire, ma ho avuto veramente un casino di cose da fare....
snorkygs85 on Apr-11-2012

Just took it for a few laps around Melbourne, but I am already hugely impressed. Very nice work.
Coyote_X on Mar-02-2012

Great add on, makes RFT2011 much better, perhaps somphir can use it in his up date
swinda on Feb-29-2012

Thank you so much! The RFT2011 is 100% better than before. Only a little mistake in .AIW Melbourne.
AFerrari on Feb-26-2012

Sorry for typing errors: AI wll do tire pits, 2 or 3, depending on track setup, at 100% race lenght
acciarri on Feb-25-2012

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