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Skidpad 1

By: Wawowtsch
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 17-Mar-07
Current release: 1, on 17-Mar-07

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This track is my first work in trackbuilding, it mostly served as a object for training purposes to learn the technique.

It consists of 2 connected parts:

4 skidpads, clockwise and anticlockwise, and both with a flat and a bumpy road surface. And a long straight to push a car to its limits. To get a set of telemetry data start a race weekend without AI opponents and change to the race session. You will be placed in front of the straight where you can go for one run.

Some parts are taken from:

- Toban and SampleTrackPiece (ISI):
Textures of trees, grass, guard rails, fences, concrete, tar cracks,
steel girders, garage roof
complete objects for tire barriers and the skybox stuff

- Botniaring (made by Ika): tarmac textures

- pictures as base for selfmade textures from

- grandstand by NickDeFender

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How long is the main straight?
m_lesiu on Oct-10-2010

absolutely great and simple test track.. best graphic performance and among the fastest loading track.. highly recommended for car/mod/physics creator..
undeadx on Sep-27-2010

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