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Skoda Fabia 1.20

By: Digital Company JiCin
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 03-Feb-11
Current release: 1.200, on 25-Mar-11

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Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE

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So we hope you enjoy it. If you have any ideas send them to us on this mode. During the month I finished UPGRADE.

Authors: CidJc
Co-authors: Martin Sebik, BigBang and Provil
Test drivers: Alex77, Apofis, Wojca11


Fabia Cup 1.1 update v1.1

- New TV Cams
- Added 5 stables
- New wheel rims
- Bone in the Fabia
- Transparency of the car
- Safety car
- Boxes and mechanics
- Lower fuel consumption
- Tires, qualify, soft, hard and rain soft, hard
- Physics
- atd.

Fabia Cup Upgrade v1.1

- Nová TV camera
- Pridano 5 staji
- Nove kola a rafky jako upgrade
- Vylepseny Cocpit
- Pruhlednost cocpitu
- Safety car
- V boxu mechanici
- Menší spotreba benzínu
- Pneu qualifikacni, Soft, hard a Dest soft, hard
- Psychyka vozu
- atd.

Fabia Cup Upgrade v1.2
- Opravuje náhon na prední kola
- Fix the front wheel drive

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i JUST GOT THE MOD, i LOVE it. It is the only small car I will drive, the physics are superb and you get nice feedback, ans the sensation of speed is dead on. hank you for all your hard work on this fantastic mod
graybeard47a on Jul-08-2012

Prosímvás, m?že mi na m?j mail napsat jeden z vývojá?? tohoto modu Fábek. Pot?ebuji poradit s úpravou opot?ebení pneumatik, peru se s tím už skoro rok a nejsem z toho moudrej a tak bych se jej rád na n?co zeptal, D?KUJI MOC za ozvání, moc to pro m? znamená... Ješt? jednou díky!
JimmysX on Jan-12-2012

Sorry guys but when i installed this mod into rfactor it almost screwed it all up so I've had got rid of it.I'm very sorry but that's what happened with me.
tennis63 on Dec-31-2011

I do not understand that I must do to get a template for this fun Mod
Thanks for the help.
menjaperes on Oct-22-2011

Originally posted by: sennagrandprix

Is there any templates for this mod? thank you for any information

The template for this mod is. If interested in sending the email.
CidJcCZE on Apr-28-2011

Is there any templates for this mod? thank you for any information
sennagrandprix on Apr-28-2011

Yeah.. same problem with 1.2, dude. Kind of funny, since it's been on the RFC homepage for a couple of weeks now.

I'm quite interested in trying out the improved mod, though.. any status update?

pgmurphy on Mar-29-2011

bueno bueno
mozza75 on Mar-28-2011

Thanks, but that's exactly what I do, and after writing the code on the pop up window I press "Stáhnout" and it says : Stránka nenalezena!
I don't speak Czech, but as you know, this means "Page not found". So I report you that the link is dead because we are not able to download this update, check by yourself.
Stan on Mar-26-2011

Originally posted by: Stan

Hi and thanks for the mod, but the v1.2 download link is unavailable (Stránka nenalezena!).

Thanks again and in advance.


Stan, click on download - and they pop up window where you write code, opíšeš it and then I'll go download it.
CidJcCZE on Mar-26-2011

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