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Skoda Fabia 2013 RFE 3

By: Digital Company JiCin and VECH
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 28-Jul-13
Current release: 3, on 28-Jul-13

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Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE
Screenie by: CidJcCZE

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Skoda Fabia 2013 v.3.0 RFE - for fans of our mode, we decided to continue on plugin RFE. What else to add, maybe just get out on the track.

PS: Coming Soon brand new car shame about 130LR, 130EVO and 130H Rapid.

Skoda Fabia 2013 v.3.0 RFE - pro fanousky naseho modu, jsme se rozhodli udelat pokracovani na pluginu RFE. Co jineho dodat, snad uz jen hura na trat.

P.S.: Pripravujeme zbrusu nova auta skoda o 130LR, 130EVO a 130H Rapid.

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Great looking track, thanks for making it look good Lemax, loads OK here, but on my Core i5-machine in V1.0 it's got some awful FPS issues unfortunenately.
newstart027 on Oct-16-2016

hello to all downloaded this mod fantastic tested it is very good

just that I have a problem

when I leave the track replay saved automatic

and he is about fifteen minutes frozen and an error appears to close the game as I fix this?
FASTEX on Dec-01-2014

Yea me too, even when I choose all cars and tracks and load a non Skoda Fabia it crashes, PS. I installed it in a new 1255G_light install Dir, windows 7 64 bit

But everything look great up until that point.

weelad on Mar-10-2014

I installed this mod and now whenever the track loads up the game crashes, its not just when I select the Fabia whatever car I select the game now crashes as soon as the track loads. Everything was fine before the Fabia install.
Normanator on Aug-12-2013

Hi everyone ,

This is a great looking mod and smooth to drive with nice looking skins.

Concerning the " black " screen , witch I think has to do with the rFM file.

Here's a trick I just found out and works almost every time a " black" screen is involved.

Before installing a mod ( or save a fresh one, after a rFactor instalment ) , save the UIData map file.
And after a crash overwrite the UIData file map again, in your rFactor map / folder.
So you don't have to install rFactor totaly, something I did in the past before knowing this " trick ".
Don't know how it works, but it does work fine for me , every time.

Again a great mod, and have fun
Jamie Bakker on Jul-31-2013

Hi nascar0509, it worked when i packaged it for the 1 click, so the problem might not be with the mod. Make sure your DX settings are set to something higher than the default DX7. Use the rFconfig.exe utility located in the /rFactor/ folder to check that. If anyone else experiences the same issue, please report it here.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jul-30-2013

Thanks for that Davy, I did try it on it's own after completely removing the original & still the same. I romoved all files from both & no start jist black screen then desktop.
nascar0509 on Jul-30-2013

If you thought that this was an addon you may have installed it over the top of the original. It's a full mod so you should remove the other one first.

Davy512 on Jul-30-2013

Mmmm.... am I the only one that has found that this addon stops rFactor from launching??!!
The original 2012 mod has no issues.
nascar0509 on Jul-30-2013

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