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Sky Textures 1

By: Discocandy et al

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I found a website with free to use panorama's
I made them into usable textures for Rfactor.
please have fun with them. All credit goes to. .All I did was pushing some buttons in photoshop so you don't have to.

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We amazed using the evaluation a person designed to get this to specific submit amazing. Fantastic exercise!
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MakaiLance on Apr-21-2020

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tephaniritchard on Nov-29-2018

dead links
kiro54 on Oct-13-2012

that skyies was made by terragen?
Kir!K on Sep-07-2010

in the same location as the tracks .mas file..
eg i want to change BrandsHatch sky I would goto
C:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Locations\BrandsHatch
In there would be the BrandsHatch.mas file
Now pick the sky from this pack that you want to use..
((I do recommend copying the file to your desktop 5 times then rename them SKY00 SKY01 SKY02 SKY03 SKY04))
Then put those 5 files (.dds) into the above location with the .mas
_FIREWIRE_ on May-26-2010

where u put the files
Lil_AzN on May-26-2010

only wish i had found these earlier... great collection of skies.. MANY THANX
THEDUMMY on Jun-24-2009

wow very cool makes game look that much better thx
markjames264 on May-17-2009

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