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Smart Car 0.80

By: RMi
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Smart Car - Mod will be of 3 models for great race fun.

The RMi Smart Car Mod will now feature the following:
Standard 83hp, "Cabrister" RS 109hp, Diablo Hayabusa 189hp

This car is very fun to drive with it's short wheelbase and updated motors.

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ante re file anupomonw pote tha to teleiwseis....
samatakeftes on Aug-30-2011

Will this use all (or a few) Street-Spec Smart engines (50hp 599cc, 61hp 698cc, 40hp 799cc CDi, 71hp 999cc US-Spec, and 98hp 999cc Euro-Spec Brabus) as well as Racing-tuned variants and the Smart "Diablo" Fortwo's Hayabusa.

Either way, It sounds like a fun Microcar mod. Can't wait to try them out!
pikachu25 on Dec-28-2010

potreste publicare una data approssimativa del rilascio?? vi prego... non vedo l'ora di provarla...
have a good work!
vitobonsignore on Sep-10-2010

anche io ho una smart da 65 hp e non vedo l'ora di guidarla su rfactor
ghost-ale on Feb-07-2010

Ehm.....hi, any news about this mod?
Suomi on Dec-17-2009

Here's another driver positively quivering with anticipation for this mod. Would it be hard to add a 'Smartuki' version as well, maybe as a later patch?
Allister on Jul-13-2009

When is it done?! I wanna drift the Smart Diablo!!! A Smart that can own a Ferrari F430 on a 1/4 Mile Drag Race!
Wittrock1991 on Feb-23-2009

I think the part I like about the SMART is you can say you own a Merc for such a cheap price. The racing one would be fantastic as a future project
Minaturegt3 on Jan-13-2009

Hmmm, could you make an 90hp racing version of smart, competing in SmartCup in Belgium and Russia?
Slavich on Jan-07-2009

I have a smart for two 55cv in the real life. When this mod will be finish??? I would like to drive in rfactor to compare...
moises on Dec-30-2008

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