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Snetterton 1964 1.20

By: Bill Guillaume
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 20-Jul-07
Current release: 1.200, on 20-Jul-07

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Snetterton Heath 1964ish track for GTL by Bill Guillaume ,Strava, Philrob and motorfx AND Friends

This is a conversion from the GPLEA's original scratch built track. Below is their original readme text.


The original tracks readme:

Snetterton v.1.0
A GPLEA Add-On for Grand Prix Legends:
Release Date: March 17 2000
Patch: April 8 2000



Phil Flack,

Matt Knutsen,

Ed Solheim,

The track/addon may not, partially, or in full, be posted at any other sites! You may link to this page , not directly to the files. Thank you!

Reasons ?

1) We usually release patches for our creations, so it is best that people visit this site for updates, not a non-updated 3rd-party site.

2) For our own amusement, we browse the server statistics, to see how (un)popular our creations have been.



In your GPL/tracks directory, make a new folder named "snett".
Unzip the into it.

Add the following lines to the bottom your 67season.ini and gpl.ini (found in GPL\seasons\ folder)


name=Norfolk Grand Prix

shortname=Norfolk GP






Replace XX with the number of tracks. Look at the last track and increase the Event by one. Also, on the top of the file, you must increase the line that says


with the same number by 1.




Now onto the rFactor version!

Important stuff about this rFactor version of Snetterton 1964

Please, due to the fact of the number of people involved in the track and it's files(that are not all mine), Ask before using any or all of these files for any other tracks. Thanks!

The ones who helped Bills learning curve and gave assistence when I was lost or stuck.

1. Strava (all kinds of stuff! Laid some great asphalt and pit and start flaggers and all kinds of track snafu fixes and textures and master flash buster so on and so on, I cannot thank you enough buddy!)

2. James Burroughs (for walking me through many parts of the conversion process and general support)

3. Analogkid66 (track snafu fixes)

4. Philrob (My personal botonist! Laid some great grass and planted some wonderful trees. Did some track work and laid some great concrete. Pointed me in the right direction for many of the things needed in the track. Some neat buildings too!)

5. Motorfx (General support and sending in the right direction
on the skies!and getting the ai to cooperate in the pits and let me do it right!) and so on and so on!

6. Bill Tillman (for the use of his transporters which I repainted) and tweaked the 3dos.

7. Flobo for a few people textures from his Zandy 67.

8. David Wright (for his usual in depth research and help with accuracies of the track from the era)


Information about the track and base.


About this version of the track.

This is the early to mid 60's version of the track. It is a combination of the track from those years. Some of the bridges may or may not have been there around this time, but I really like driving under the esses one so it is there! You can always go around the outside of the bridge and not hit it if you overcook it into the esses, there is a little surprise waiting there too if you look closely, and as Keeper says....kill da wabbit,kill da wabbit! . I have gone to a 3x2x3 to keep it historically correct instead of the 4x3x4 grid due to room on the grid and to make online starts easier.



Unzip the file to a temporary folder. Then copy and paste the "snett" folder in your rFactor/Locations folder. Start the sim and go for a spin.


Thanks to Phil and Nils and the boys(men!) at the GPLEA for making this track originally and for allowing me to convert it for GTL. Thanks to the boys(men!) listed above for their help in my learning curve and files to finish this track up.


This track is not by ISI and is used by you at your own risk. I cannot be responsible if it messes up your computer or you rfactor install. Always backup first. If you need to get in touch with me you will find me at RSC or The Pits or No Grip.

Enjoy and stay out of the haybales at the hairpin!

Bill Guillaume

WFO Racing

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Lovey Thank You for sharing this great '60s layout. Fun!
Iron99 on Jul-06-2014

Thank You so much, very good track.
etienne_ on Aug-31-2010

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