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SnowMobile 0.30

By: Nathan Ritchie
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Novel
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: NathanRitchie72
Screenie by: NathanRitchie72
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Screenie by: NathanRitchie72
Screenie by: NathanRitchie72
Screenie by: NathanRitchie72
Screenie by: NathanRitchie72
Screenie by: NathanRitchie72

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600cc 130hp SnowMobiles, with lots & lots of trails :)

Two main things that will set this mod apart from all others is the fact that the sleds will get dirty & there will be snow! I may have more tricks up my sleeve as time goes by :)

The BETA is up and ready to be downloaded. All BETA testers will be receiving an email with the link.

*** JANUARY 11, 2009
The BETA testing has failed. I have received very little input from the "official" beta testers (I do thank those that did give input, that is at least what got us as far as we are). Anyway, I am going to open up the beta to everyone. I am currently building the next beta version, which should be ready in a couple of weeks, but I need input on the physics to do more than a graphics update. The setup is completely open, so you can get these things to do some funny things if you make things too far out of whack. Please send me your best setups that you make, that way I have a range of where the settings should be.

Please send setups to:

The beta download links are listed below.

*** February 26, 2009
Still no setups have been sent. I do have bodies ready to go, along with templates of everything. A little change of pace for me on this one: I am starting a new track, more than just a simple beta track, but a full blown track that will show off some of the things I have been talking about but have not shown. "Live sky", snowfall, and dirt/snow buildup will all be on the track. Shouldn't take me more than about a month to finish it up. When it is complete, the next beta will be released, with hopefully more input from everyone who has tried this beta.

Download Links

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Thank you very much for sharing resulting, final function of the very good points. I would like to visit again this post. Carry on sharing it.
rahulsharmadigi on Nov-26-2018

Can the owner of this mod please contact me. I may be able to help
Grimm Reaper on Feb-18-2014

Basically, this mod is dead. Playing around, I found a few flaws with my model, so I need to do some rework. Also, if anyone has noticed, TeamSimRacing is no longer around - so the entire name of this thing will change. I am currently working on a few mods - but do not want to announce anything here, as WIP's anyway. I will be updating my website soon with info ( on all mods I am working on.
NathanRitchie72 on Aug-17-2011

Just about to start this back up
NathanRitchie72 on Sep-17-2010

This is for anyone interested in this mod: I have been going through a divorce, so things stopped on this mod. The divorce is just about final now and my life is starting to get back to normal. I do plan on releasing this mod, but work still needs to be done with it. So, the good news - This mod IS NOT dead, the bad news: I am not sure where I am with the mod since I have not touched it in quite some time. More updates to follow
NathanRitchie72 on Feb-24-2010

I would love to see this mod come out. is there a test link?
ttruan on Dec-13-2009

NSR for rFactor is released, so, back to this mod Anyway, I am not happy with the mapping of the sleds, so going to start over on them. I also have some people playing with the physics of them, so that will speed things up also. Want to release this mod before the snow stops falling (not that is has started or anything), so looking at about a time frame of 6 months. Also am not going to make the mistake of releasing without tracks. So, if you are a track builder and would liek to help on this mod, please drop me a line. or go to my site: (not completely up yet, but will be soon)
NathanRitchie72 on Oct-12-2009

The other mod (NSR for rFactor) will be completed this month (September), then I return to this mod. Just wanting to give an update of what is going on. The snowmobiles are not dead
NathanRitchie72 on Sep-04-2009

The other mod I have been working on should be finished by this next weekend. So, full throttle on this one once again I think you all will not be disappointed on what you see for the next beta
NathanRitchie72 on Aug-02-2009

Right now, the BETA is down. For some reason fileplanet does not keep my links up for too long. When the next beta is made (which will be very soon) a link will be posted here once again. I am also working on setting up my own website, so the link will never disappear
NathanRitchie72 on Jun-30-2009

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