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Spa Francorchamps 1988 1

By: carrera.4
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 23-Jul-06
Current release: 1, on 23-Jul-06

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Screenie by: matrix1791
Screenie by: matrix1791
Screenie by: matrix1791
Screenie by: matrix1791
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: Rot Teufel
Screenie by: JU-Racing
Screenie by: JU-Racing

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'Thats my second track from the season 1988, after Hungaroring. Base is Spa from F1C.I tried to make it so realistic as possible by analysing all picture that I find on the WEB.'

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Latest Spa Francorchamps 1988 Comments

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yayo02 on Jul-16-2013

Found a Headlight Fix:
Will cause online mismatches unless server has also updated.
cammywhammy on Aug-09-2011

The track is great but i got a problem, when i drive at night the lights going under the asphalt. Can anyone help me??? If someone can contact me via rmail.thx
Dj Noize on Oct-18-2010

Love to try it but for some reason it will not show up on the game for me. Yes, I have the folder placed in my locations folder. Any ideas?
Brutus Cassius on Sep-29-2010

I think this is F1 RFT 2010.
Kimisice on Sep-18-2010

What can you say me about F10-Alonso's screenshot??
That car seems BEAUTIFUL...
can you tell me what mod could be?
I have all 2010's mod....but I would like to know if that car is part of some "public" mod..
ferrari9108 on Sep-11-2010

I, too, am having the problem with lack of anti-aliasing. Very grainy field of view and difficult to judge distances, especially at high speed with F1 mod. Any known fix?
ontrackdriver on Aug-27-2010

When I´m loading this track, I get this message: "Instance TREEHILL028 (parent: TREBNH17) has no meshes. Check scene file entreies for errors"...
Can someone please help me with this? Thanks ;-)
olik1977 on May-01-2010

Furthermore, me and some fellow sim racers have had this sound problem where one can hear the wheel guns firing in a continuous fashion throughout the whole track... It's more than annoying. Any way of fixing this?
krvolok on Apr-23-2010

What's up with the geodata? There are no consequences if you cut Raidillion, Bust stop chicane or any turn for that matter. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that in normal circumstances, at least two wheels have to be on the track at all times for the lap to count.
krvolok on Apr-16-2010

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