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Spa-Francorchamps 1967 1

By: Frank.f55
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 15-Jun-06
Current release: 1, on 15-Jun-06

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Convert from GPL to rFactor. Thanks to André F1-Edition for permission

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Latest Spa-Francorchamps 1967 Comments

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yayo02 on Jul-16-2013

can someone put up a new, working dl for this?
kevo55 on Feb-09-2013

You must have your in game track graphics set to "Full". If you don't you will have the floating graphics problem.
swingeasy on Aug-17-2010

I think there is an update for this, 1.1 version:;/fileinfo.html
And put on top of it, Culmone67 textures.
Gives the feeling of a cold and cloudy afternoon.
death_angel on Jan-17-2010

This track is awesome, plenty of fun an brings back sweet GPL memories. Thank you!
MahatmaGhandi on Dec-14-2009

I would like to say THANK YOU Frank for all the hard work that you have given to us

you will be sadley missed from many many people in the world

every time i drive on this track there will be a lap of peace

RIP Frank

mclf1 on Sep-11-2009

I have given up on the LeMans 67 track. I opened a working track mas file and extracted the sky and skyboxi gmt files and substituted them for the malignant files but I was not able to get the track to load. I will probably try again later, but for now I have given up on LeMans, and will be satisfied to have SPA 67 up and running.


rer8 on Jul-17-2009

Love the track and gpl elements. I am having some graphical terrain "floating" problems. Does someone know how to correct this? I have a screen grab available to show but I am unableto include it in this message.

Yeah... I have found that a sky.gmt file in the locations folder is creating the problem. I will continue to search to determine if there are other files that cause the problem, and then will determine the source and let you guys know...

And the winner is... 67LeMans.rar and the culprit files apear to be the sky*.gmt files. If you are having trouble with your sky check for loose gmt files in your locations folder. It worked for me.

All smiles now ... SPA 67 is wonderful....!!!!!
rer8 on Jul-16-2009

Does this use the F1 pits or the Touring car pits and how many cars can it handle?
David Paterson on Jun-18-2009

I want more tracks like this! Fast, old looking and seriously fun. I don't care if they are real or not.

i give 10/10 to this one. I recommend!
Silent_alarm on Mar-26-2009

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