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Spa-Francorchamps Kart 0

By: olisoft
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Just a message to indicate I'm developping the Spa-Francorchamps karting track .

It's a 1070 meters track (width is 8 meters). It already works in rFactor but still require lot's of work (and a visit to the track ).

The project is to be able to recreate the "24h karting of Francorchamps".

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No waiting anymore, I have made a Karting de Spa Francorchamps, you can see it and download it on:
NitroMcClean on Aug-23-2015

Yo Felipe! Did I used to race with you a few years back here on Rfactor? this is Opakracing
FADED626 on Apr-02-2013

how do u drive a kart
alegraracer on Jul-19-2010

Is this track almost done? I really want to drive on it!
M@x1MuM on Jul-16-2010

Hi guys!

Was hoping that this would be a download as I'm going there to race Club 100 next month.

Seeing as this is not ready, is there anything I could do to help seeing as I'll be there racing all weekend?
0Risk on May-10-2010

Hi guy's

any news about this track?
Jack_NL on Mar-12-2010


When the track will it end?

Thank you
Audric on Feb-27-2010

Thanks for the Info!
Jack_NL on Aug-28-2009

Hi, the project is not stopped. It's just delayed since we are currently working on the full Spa 07-09.
olisoft on Aug-16-2009

would be great to have this track like the real one

i mean inside the Spa track and have race's on the F1 circuit and the kart circuit at the same time just as irl
Jack_NL on Jun-03-2009

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