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Spec Racer Ford 2.20

By: Beau Buisson
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Prototype
Initial release: 05-Mar-08
Current release: 2.200, on 27-Mar-08

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Screenie by: beauman
Screenie by: beauman
Screenie by: beauman
Screenie by: beauman
Screenie by: beauman
Screenie by: beauman
Screenie by: beauman
Screenie by: beauman
Screenie by: beauman
Screenie by: beauman

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The very popular SCCA Club Racing class of Spec Racer Ford. A fun, relitively easy car to drive that is the largest class of car in SCCA. Spec Racer Ford v2.2 is a total re-design from 1.0 and they are not compatible in any way. Remove v1.0 completely before installing 2.2
Any new cars/skins you may have created in v1.0 will need to be re-worked.


The model has been much improved. Physics are even more realistic now, based on the 2008 SCCA GCR.
New Skins, upgrades, and options make the experience even better.
Version 1.0 had a few bugs and major componets left out. After many many revisions v2.2 is finally ready.
Thanks to all the guys who helped in testing it. Expecially Gil Frasier, who went through the rule book and matched up many of the things I had skipped over, along with adding some other very nice features.

Specific driver AI files are not included for a reason. Many of the drivers in this Mod are real people, I did not want to offend anyone by making them less skilled than they really are. So all AI drivers have an equal shot, no car has any advantage, and cheater motors have been totally eliminated.

Minor releases may follow, if any bugs are found. But, this should be the last major revision. Thanks everyone who helped out!

Download the Sounds Only and re-install them, if they are not working for you!

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You have posted a extremely detail document. I go through all of your article and I actually really like it, I understand your point of view.
bullet force
hidebullet890 on Jan-07-2019

i just downloaded the file and started racing it and there's a lot of understeerand when ever i press the throttle through the turn the car starts pushing towards the out side of the track
shrub on Dec-22-2010

where is the sound d/l link?
ventu on Nov-06-2010

I d/led the spec racer and the sounds, do I put each sound in each file indavidual folder or unzip it to the sounds folder?
charlie991956 on May-10-2010

Hi, I love the mod, but I have one problem. When either the front "wing" or back "wing" gets detached, they turn black (and stay that way for the rest of the race weekend; if it happens in first practice, they'll be reattached for the race, but still black). Is there a setting I can change that'll fix it?
fort on Jul-13-2009

Yes, the shadows and many other things have been fixed. You need to download the vs2.2 - I would remove the 1.0 downloads, but someone else put them up there and I don't know how to remove them.
beauman on Jun-10-2009

hello i was just wondering when i downloaded the original release (1.00) thye car had no shadows has this now been fixed???
selley on Jun-09-2009

I have no motor sounds. Looks like the sfx file is in the right place, but still no engine sounds
prime05 on May-15-2009

i believe 130 is the theoretical top speed based on the gearing. if one of these things ever gets close to that i'd be very very surprised. with 3 or 4 cars all bump drafting, down a hill, with a tail wind i doubt they could see 120. The draft does make a huge difference in top speed for these cars, in game and in real life. they are definitely NOT horsepower-filled cars.
beauman on Feb-19-2009

SRF top speed at Vanport only 106 mph. The real car is supposed to top at 130 mph. Anyone know the reason?
hma on Feb-01-2009

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