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Spirit of 76 1.10

By: Core@Team
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 17-May-08
Current release: 1.100, on 20-Jul-08

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Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: Rluan
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Screenie by: Lyriks
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Screenie by: cococha

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

core@team is proud to present the first part of "Spirit of 76" mod for rFactor.

This first So76 part has two cars, a FIAT X1/9 Dallara and a Lotus Europa, you can race in a single-brand season for the FIAT and for the Lotus as well or you can race in a So76 season racing against these two cars.

Important info:

"The original models have been around for a long time for private use, since the F1C days. They have been improved a lot since. The car physics should be very realistic, they have been developed and tested over a long time and they are based on real data and experience. Put your Speed Sensitivity in the Controller menu to 0 (or very low) to have better control over slides. First make sure that your system and controller are set up fine before you drive. If you’re using the Realfeel FFB plugin, don’t forget to use a negative value. Check the graphical upgrades and the FFB Strength upgrades. For the Lotus you can also choose another more original version with a less modified 1600cc engine."

Technical Data:

1974 Group 4 Lotus Europa:

"The Lotus Europa featured in this mod is a Group 4 racecar, based on the Lotus Europa Special. This means it’s a modified GT racer. It uses hard bias ply slicks which last long and will allow some sliding and drifting. But the key for being fast is smoothness. This car doesn’t have much power, so low weight and handling are it’s assets. The front spoiler and Chapman’s characteristic rear design of the car create a very small amount of downforce. "

Full weight including driver: 675kg
Mid-Engine, RWD, Independent Suspension
1600/1800cc 4 Cyl Inline, DOHC, Fuel Injection
Max Power: 185 Bhp @ 7750 rpm
Max Torque: 200 Nm @ 6000 rpm
5 Speed Gearbox
Bias Ply Slicks

1976 Group 5 Fiat X1/9 Dallara:

"The So76 Fiat model isn't just a X1/9 racecar, it's the Icsunonove Dallara version designed by Bertone. This modified Group 5 racecar is heavier than the Lotus but also more powerfull, and most importantly, it has more downforce. Keep a smooth line to make up in the corners what you might loose on the straights, and don't forget to keep the revs high. "

Full weight including driver: 760kg
Mid-Engine, RWD, Independent Suspension
1600cc 4 Cyl Inline, 16v DOHC, Fuel Injection
Max Power: 210 Bhp @ 8250 rpm
Max Torque: 220 Nm @ 6000 rpm
5 Speed Gearbox
Bias Ply Slicks

Keep the oil temp around or below 100°C, do not go above 110°C. The more you rev the engine into the red the more you'll wear it, if you don't abuse it on the straights and lift when you shift it will last very long.
The optimal temp is 90°C, the bias ply slicks can stand some abuse from sliding and drifting. Give them a bit of time to heat up.
Below 100°C your brakes are cold, keep them between 200 and 360°C for optimal use, above that you're overheating with less brake power as a result.

Development Team

Homepage and Forum Administrator (

• Schlusel


• eclipsee

Additional Modelling

• Petrol
• Schlusel

Special thanks to Loungekid for giving permission to use his Lotus Europa model as base.


• Anthing
• eclipsee
• Jorg
• Petrol
• RMB_Racetec


• dopplerGT

General Help & Menu Logos

• Anthing
• eclipsee

Physics, AI & Game Structure

• Petrol


• Di Fulvio, Simone
• Di Fulvio, Stefano
• eclipsee
• Petrol
• RMB_Racetec
• Spin_Doctor

Beta Testing Team

• Batman
• Chris#
• Desmo
• Digitt
• DrGroove
• eric.bugs
• Moucham
• Mullog
• Raegon
• Roswell
• Sticky-Fingers
• Tmsi68



Run the 7Zip auto-exe file and find your rFactor directory, install there.

Copyright / Permissions / Disclaimer

All rights reserved, this is a non profit work and there is no permission to use these files or parts of them for conversions or selling purposes, this mod has been made for rFactor, if you want to convert this mod or parts of it to another sim contact us politely to
We don't accept responsibilities for losses or damage resulting from the use of this mod, use it at your own risk.

Special Thanks To:

• Stefano and Simone Di Fulvio for their patience on providing reference pics, videos and sounds of their FIAT X1/9 Dallara, without their help the X1/9 model couldn't have been as it is.
• Special thanks to all unnamed people involved on helping in this project.
• Image Space Incorporated (ISI) for creating rFactor and their support to be a moddable platform.
• Pete Walsh for his rFactorCentral site, a topnotch reference for the rFactor modding community.
• RaceSimCentral forums for being one of the best resources gathering rFactor modding info.

core@team, may 2008

This Patch will fix the virtual mirror issue, adress the shadow bug of the cockpit windows and furthermore adds a "dirty window" feature by default.
It is very important that you point the installer to your rFactor folder because a batch file will add the new parts to the according .mas files.
We decided to add the dirty windscreen by default because of the compatibility to non patched version. Ifyou dislike the feature feel fre to contact us or replace the * - * with * inside the 2 mas files.

Many thanks to Tarquin, TOG for testing.

core@team, july 2008

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Latest Spirit of 76 Comments

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Thank you! We (St. Louis Car Detailing) have enjoyed the mod. - Mike from
morso on Oct-02-2020

One of the best mods for rfactor for sure, to sound update for the lotus is one of rfactor best engine sounds.
Leaves on May-27-2013

Hi all,

i´ve just d/l So76 and followed the .exe and it seems to be everything ok.. except in the game, in the showrrom, the mod doesn´t appear!

I´ve tried with the .exe auto isntalation and manual also, the files seems to be all in the right places.. any answer to this problem?

ty in advance
DragonGaru on Mar-08-2011

Well well. Ive waken up from other stuff Ive been working and should now continue a little bit of this modding stuff. Have to try to wake up the other guys also..
anthing on Jan-13-2011

Dear Core team how are you.
Any new about the update for this mod with BMW and Mercedes?
Gonzaga on Dec-03-2010

Once again. I have tried this Mod forever.

And??? Once again. It beats the latest console releases.

For pure dedication and realism. \you cannot BEAT, rFactor MODS. (FACTPeriod).

Those Techno boys? They don't know. What real World Racing is all about!

It cannot simply be about Graphics and how we play?

It is about realism. Within the context of the period. S0'76. Captures this period perfectly.

Could do with an update though?
fakujak72 on Nov-28-2010

I've tested this mod last WE and all i can say is it's excellent.

The only little thing i can complain about is the brakes and the tires

- For the brakes they are far too much powerfuul, even at middle of the pedal travel the wheels already start to lock (i almost never use ABS nor TC)
The brakes also doesn't take much heat even on hard braking.
I don't think it is very realistic to have such powerfull brakes on a historic car, and i think the should build a lot more heat on successive hard breaking and whe might experience fading when hitting to much on them (like in the F1 79 mod)

- For the tires they are almost indesctructible. After spending a 1 hour race sliding frequently on corners they showed almost no wear at the finish line when they should be almost destroyed (they were not even overheating)

Except of this 2 points all i have to say is thank you for giving us such a good mod.
guinnessman on Nov-15-2010

Great mod! The X1/9 is definitely one of my favourite cars in rFactor. The engine sound is fantastic!
Kikkoz88 on Sep-30-2010

Hi! I can't find FIAT template! Core Team forum is not accepting subscriptions, somebody help me please!
Panda on May-19-2010

Awesome mod. The fiat car is just GREAT. thanks.
pablomarc on Mar-02-2010

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Spirit of 76