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Spotter Plugin Czech Dabing 1

By: Jan Pospíšil (FWTV)

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Jan Pospíšil (FWTV)
Screenie by: Jan Pospíšil (FWTV)

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Novy cesky dabing pro Spotter Plugin do rFactoru Podrobnejsi informace budou pozdeji doplneny .....

V1.0 Readme:
Ve složce Spotteraddon a spustíte SpotterConfig.exe

Je možné že než se vám otevøe Spotter vyskoèí nìjaké errory ale nemusíte si toho všímat.
Až najedete do programu tak buï vymažte to co je zažlucené v øádku Background file nebo dejte hledat
cestu k tomuto souboru ( Cestu k rF\rFactor\GameData\Sounds\PIT\BackgourndF1PitSounds.mp3 nebo Cestu k rF\rFactor\GameData\Sounds\PIT\Radio_Static.mp3)

Dále vyberete v oknì Active Soundpack - Czech Spotter Pacfk by Jan Pospisil rFactor-rc

Poté mùžete ve spottru vše nastavovat dle libosti.

New Czech dubbing for Spotter Plugin to rFactor

Readme Version 1.0:

In the folder and run Spotteraddon SpotterConfig.exe

It is possible that before you opens Spotter vyskoèí there any ERROR but you do not get the notice.
When you move into the program and either delete what is in zažlucené Line Background file or let search
the file path (the path to rF \ rFactor \ GameData \ Sounds \ PIT \ BackgourndF1PitSounds.mp3 or path to rF \ rFactor \ GameData \ Sounds \ PIT \ Radio_Static.mp3)

Additionally, select Active in the window Soundpack - Czech Spotter Pacfk by Jan Pospisil rFactor-rc

Then you can adjust everything in spottru will.

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