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St Jovite 2

By: PorscheGuy/Bud Lucas/Andy55
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 03-Dec-06
Current release: 2, on 22-Dec-06

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A trio of circuits in St. Jovite, Canada, the GP, GP with chicanes and the North (short) Circuit.

Built in 1964, Le Circuit Mont Tremblant is an exciting, high speed road course located near St. Jovite, Quebec, Canada, about 1 hour northwest of Montreal. The 15-turn "long course" is 2.65 miles in length and is characterized by dramatic
elevation changes and fast, sweeping corners. Several of these corners crest blind rises, resulting in intimidating blind-apex high speed turns that require the driver to commit to the corner well before the apex is visible. As a driver's circuit, Mont Tremblant ranks among the very best of all North American road courses.

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Wow !!! Great job on the realistic of this track ! I compared a video I have of lapping on the St-Jovite ( Mont Tremblant circuit). Amazing ! My Genesis 3.8 coupe GT and the Supra car downloaded on the RFactor site do the same lapping time,and the course accuracy is WOW !!
Thankyou on the super job !! I will have fun practicing on this course in winter time,so I am ready for spring lapping on the real course !
All I need now is a SIM Genesis coupe 3.8 GT 2010 and I'll be in heaven !!
Nice job !!
binz on Feb-14-2011

To me, St Jovite / Mont Tramblant is one of the most exciting tracks of the world. Allmost all corners are blind corners !!! It will take a bit of time to master this track, but when done it is a plesure to drive.

The conversion by Bud Lucas/Andy55 looks very good, but has a heavy FPS problem. It can be used when driving one car with no other cars, but is allmost useless on my computer in a race with other cars. The track camera's are also not so good.

The modification by Neel Jani & Boblebric has not such a FPS problem, but looks a bit less good then the Bud Lucas/Andy55 version. It doens't look bad, just not so good. But at least this version I can use for a race. The track camera's from the Neel Jani & Boblebric are also much better.
NitroMcClean on Aug-29-2010

Good news for all peoples that like this track, it has been reworked by Neel Jani and the result is realy excellent
He achieve to keep the graphic quality of the V2, and even go further, but tis time not any fps issue to deplore

Now the track can be enjoyed the way it desserve to be, thank you very much Mr Jani

The link can be found on nogripracing as rfactorcentral is almost dead for most modders now

Give it a try, it worth it.
guinnessman on Jul-10-2010

I love this track but i've always had big fps issues with it. (not smooth at all with my old 7900GT and just acceptable with my HD4870)
Hope also that someone will release an update to it to fix that as it is a nonsense that some top notch tracks runs smoothly and this one with relatively basic graphics don't.

It's a shame that such à good track remains very underrated because of a poor realisation.
If i was able to do it myself i surely will but unfortunately i'm not :-(
guinnessman on Jun-03-2009

I'd also like to see an update because this track has such a cool layout!
mcfritt on Mar-20-2009

Revisited St. Jovite v2.0 recently with the NAGT mod. There's an excellent feel when driving this track and I sure hope someone makes a v3.0 with better textures and smoother track polygons.

The most important thing to change, however, is the name when it's displayed online. "GP", "GP Chicane", and "Short" are so nondescript! Those names should read more like "St. Jovite GP", "St. Jovite Chicane", and "St. Jovite Short". Even with the SCGT-style textures and polygons, I think it would get more play online if the display names were changed since the driving feel is excellent.
gemery on Jan-30-2009

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