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St. Petersburg 1.10

By: IDT Simulations
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 09-Jul-07
Current release: 1.100, on 18-Aug-07

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Screenie by: ricsi01
Screenie by: ricsi01
Screenie by: Caliber
Screenie by: Caliber
Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: rt2000pilot
Screenie by: Laurynas
Screenie by: Laurynas
Screenie by: rookie man
Screenie by: rookie man

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v1.1 update by The Lonely, released by iDT Simulations.

Fixed collide issue with T1 Curb
Removed bump at T3 due to AI issues
Fixed Sea transparency issues
Fixed flickering ground issues

St. Petersburg Conversion for rFactor v1.0
by Richard "DeadEyski" Chmielewski, Alex "The Lonely" Sawczuk & IDT Simulations

April 2007

Install Notes:
Extract to rfactorgamedatalocations folder

Conversion by Richard "DeadEyski" Chmielewski, Alex "The Lonely" Sawzcuk
AIW by Greg "Gringo"
Textures by Grant Bradley

Original Track By Zero G, based on Neel Jaani's GTR conversion

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Track Layout
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fun to drive, nice T1 background/skyline, ok trees/textures, shame the whole track is a bit underscaled IMHO (too short straights etc) compared to real-life circuit
Jaromir83 on Apr-05-2014

I really enjoy this track. I was wondering if anyone involved with this track is thinking about upgrading it to a 2009 version. There are some elevation changes and a couple of significant bumps in the track that are not in this version. Also there is some curbing not present. Here's hoping.
dradecki on Dec-11-2009

I noticed that the bumpiness varies with track-car combination. While I find it almost impossible to drive CC07 on Denver 1.2, these cars behave (as I think) quite nice on St. Pete. With Cart98 Prologue it is just the opposite. I would appreciate if the track designers added the name the mods they have tested on their track. Obviously not all tracks work for all mods. Mid-Ohio might be one of the exceptions.
mcfritt on Jan-18-2009

The bumps are supposed to be there, in real life the track is bumpier that this, the real life track is on streets and it crosses though parking lots and airport runways, it has a bunch of different road surfaces.
boricua114 on Jan-18-2009

I found a solution to the wavy bump effect -- I opened track tdf file with notepad and finding a lline called RoadBumpAmp=, changed the value to .001. There is still a lot of vibration and sudden bumps but without the odd oscillation people have noted. I race solo offline -- I don't know if this is a no-no for online racing.
TinCup on Jan-17-2009

I agree it's a very well rendered track and the layout is fun to drive. But the bumps are a problem to the extent that they don't really feel like bumps but like riding 'waves'. I would expect more of a pronounced car vibration punctuated by the quick deep bumps but the car just starts to gently oscillate, up and down, in a wavy motion as if it were a boat on a lake (or a taxi cab rolling down 6th avenue at 40 mph! Lol)

Looking at cars in replay shows this effect quite clearly. Is this what was desired? I've never been there so I'm not one to judge, but the in-car sensation has a quite unnatural feeling to it.

Can the terrain texture be tweaked a bit -- perhaps to increase the frequency of the vibration so as to reduce the 'nautical waviness'?

I'm posting this because I rather like this track.
TinCup on Jan-10-2009

Koool very nice!! I go to see the Le mans series here every single year
boricua114 on Jan-08-2009

I drove on the real circuit a couple of times differnt years and the real track has lots of bumps so maybe it is a good thing.
keysfisherman on Dec-31-2008

Looks great beautiful graphics racing here is a pleasure..but there are so many bumpy around the circuit... is this normal..when I in the cockpite almost I cant driving because of the shaking.. thanks a lot..why nobody leaves a post about it..
gundwane1978 on Dec-18-2008

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