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Stockcar Sim Series 2012 2

By: Stockcar Sim Series
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 16-Feb-12
Current release: 2, on 16-Feb-12

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Screenie by: J-Monsta
Screenie by: J-Monsta
Screenie by: 0
Screenie by: 0
Screenie by: Ruhisu
Screenie by: Ruhisu
Screenie by: Stockcar Sim Series
Screenie by: Stockcar Sim Series
Screenie by: J-Monsta
Screenie by: J-Monsta

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

We dont support the rfactor install or are we held responsible for any issues that may happen.

Whats Inside ?

2012 - Sprint Cup Series
2012 - Nationwide Series
2012 - Camping World Truck Series
2012 - Late Models (25+ Tracks Aswell)
(all 2012 paint schemes included)

All 33 Nascar Tracks Including...

Atlanta, Autoclub, Bristol, Charlotte, Chicagoland, Darlington, Daytona, Dover, Gateway, Homestead, Indianapolis, Infieneon, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, LasVegas, Mansfield, Martinsville, Memphis, Michigan, Milwaukee, Montreal, Nashville, New Hampshire, O'Reilly, Phoenix, Pocono, Richmond, Road America, Rockingham, Talledega, Texas, Watkins Glen.

Custom UI (Game Interface).
This will make for some easy browsing and a great new appearance to the in game menus. We have made things look alot cleaner then 2011. Without going to overboard and making it look plain.

There is a fresh new set of 2012 Physics ready to go. Your setups will adjust the feeling properly and match real life speeds and lap times. We have put extensive work into the new physics to get what we think is the proper feeling.

A big shout out to the league's who have supported us and gave feedback to better the mod.

Special thanks to the following: - Nationwide Series - Camping World Truck Series - Sprint Cup Series - Tracks - Webserver - Test Server - Q&A Thanks ISI

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fredaberg102490 on Jan-16-2019

Awesome and interesting article. Great things you've always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post.
anasmalik on Oct-23-2018

Links have been submitted for 2013 mods. Install instructions arent needed its rFactor google has you covered sir.
J-Monsta on Sep-18-2017

ZERO install instructions. Very poor. What computer software creator doesn't have the brains to include an install.doc? Sad
Kimchoc on Mar-13-2017

Links to late models addon and hi-rez skins are broken. Could somebody upload these files please?
zoobear on Jul-24-2016

Saya berhasil menginstal mod ini tetapi setelah play game mod mobil stockcarsimseries tidak muncul please help me ...
raddenadiputro7291 on May-12-2016

Where can I get a Ford template for this mod?
Machine1964 on Jul-14-2013

anyone tried these on a circuit? if so, what are they like?
sparkyFWJ on Jun-10-2013

Just use the installer then go to programme files and then select street stock sim series and you are good to go..Do not try and run it from rfactor.
Run it as a stand alone programme...
shadsville on May-26-2013

hello! i downloaded this mod and i get it downloaded, and when i go to run Rfactor it shows me the demo screen, of when i had the demo. and i hae no demo time left!!! HELP!!! plz......
laydonpohlman on Apr-07-2013

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