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Street Stock Shootout 2

By: Andrew Massey/Chris Massey and Keeper
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 14-Jun-07
Current release: 2, on 22-Jun-07

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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This mod was made to represent what you would find at your local short track on a Saturday night. No big name sponsors or big name drivers, just grass roots stockcar racing.

The purpose of this mod is just that. Give those without a lot of oval experience a chance to bang around on a short track, learn a little about mechanical grip so they can apply what was learned here to TPSCC, VH Stockcars and SCE.

Its also fun for oval vets too. These cars allow for side to side racing with a little serving of contact.

Car Specs:
15 Gallon Fuel Tank
Weight: 3150lbs
50/50 Front to Rear Weight
Motor: 215 HP V8

1988 Chevy Monte Carlo from AeroWars 1988 from NR2k3
1988 Buick Regal from AeroWars 1988 from NR2k3
Templates available to change models look to different makes

Available Car Setup changes:
Fuel Level
Air Pressure
Steering Lock
Brake Pressure
Left to Right Weight

Many thanks to:

SEEGO86 and TeamTundra for the templates and assistance

Ron "Keeper" O'Dell for the finishing touches

ISI for providing rFactor to the masses!

The USPITS again for allow us to throw this together. See Readme for all involved!

Calrace for the server to race on --> Tuesday Nights boys and girls!!

From the AeroWars 1988 readme:

"Papyrus for the sim and their help with the Max Plugins.
TheUSPits for being THE HUB for editing papy sims.
Nigel Patterson for DatX and other great tools.
Kevin Combs for help with the PSG and the driver animation.
and everyone else I may have forgotten to mention. - Fred"

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Newest version 3.0 is available here
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jan-17-2011

hey guys. You need to update your mod page. There is a new mod for these and I understand it has been submitteed to you all. How about an update please.
djh3 on Jan-17-2011

Boy oh boy if you all liked the first version your gonna LOVE this one guys. Keeper and the guys have busted thier butt getting this thing fixed so you can drive these things. I have been lucky enough to been asked to help test ocasionaly. And I personaly think these are some of the best driving "beginner" cars to drive. Loads of fun. They guys mad a video, go check it out and see what you think.
djh3 on Dec-15-2010

Version 3 of the mod should work much better on dirt tracks. The problem with V2 was that the springs were much too stiff for dirt. The new spring settings in V3, as well as the new weight balance of the cars, should make them handle much better. Maybe that's something we'll check out in next Tuesday's testing. V3 is a complete overhaul, pretty much. New engines (three), new tire models (two), new weight physics, new aero physics, new collision models, new damage model, graphic improvements, rules improvements, non-solid pace car, long & random pit times, and loads of things I can't remember 'cause I started work on V3 a few years ago but stopped for a couple years when interest at the CRO league waned. If next Tuesday's testing goes well, I suspect the final version will be released shortly thereafter.
Keeper on Dec-10-2010

DrBrown54; they dont work very well on dirt tracks. Our league has ran these for awhile now and tried a couple of dirt tracks. I can only assume it has something to do with either the tire files or it might just be the lack of grip period on dirt tracks. If you keep them on tracks 1/2 mile and under they are a blast. Our league has run them off and on for the last year or more.
djh3 on Dec-05-2009

How do these cars all handle on the dirt tracks? I would love to start a street stock league for dirt with these bodies but I guess I need to download this mod and try it out a bit. Good job guys, from first look the stuff looks like its great.
DrBrown54 on Sep-25-2009

im trying to start up a league for these right now.. let me know your email and i can ask you some stuff. if you wanna check out the site too go to
ttruex on Sep-07-2009

Keep us posted on Leagues running this.
bkwillpker on Aug-17-2009

this mod does not work. i select the series as normal, nad then go and select the car
and the only car i can get is the pace car.>
jetpilot888 on Jun-06-2009 or try contacting keeper at the pits
g8r on Jun-01-2009

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