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Sudschleife 1

By: nick303
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 11-Mar-11
Current release: 1, on 11-Mar-11

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Screenie by: nick303
Screenie by: nick303
Screenie by: nick303
Screenie by: nick303
Screenie by: nick303
Screenie by: nick303
Screenie by: nick303
Screenie by: nick303
Screenie by: nick303
Screenie by: nick303

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This is an interpretation of the Nurburgring Sudschleife in approximately 1967. The main length of the track is new tarmac and many of the overhanging trees have been cut back. Pit straights have been resurfaced, but the nordkehre loop at the end of the lap retains its original concrete blocking.
I have used many maps, photographs, books (in particular The Other Green Hell), Google Earth and the Karsten Hulskamper height graph to create the circuit using Bob's Track Builder.
Most of the buildings were created from scratch in SketchUp by me except for the farm houses which are from the "French Houses" XPack and the grandstands from "Grandstands"..
Other XPacks used are "Great Britain", "Hayward Club", "Ennis Extras", "Old UK Advertising" and "Road Mid".
Any information which leads to improvements is welcome.

Thanks to Raido1, Rockett_man and Rattenjager for their constructive input and err... textures. Cheers guys.

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Hello , I do believe this is a superior blog. I stumbled upon it on Yahoo , I will
come back once again.
waseemmalikon on Jan-09-2018

It has really good graphic changing module, seems to be interesting.

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Realming on Aug-18-2016

excellent work!
neron2 on May-30-2015

Just Release the full track!!!!!
TopSpeeder on Aug-30-2012

@ f1fan1993

do you mean something like that?

Nürburgring Gesamtschleife

By the way: hi Nick303, I hope it's OK, that I tried to combine your track with the track from motorfx. Do I get your permission to release? :-)
Kackbratze on Mar-10-2012

Does this track run on Grand Prix Legends ? Is it a free download ?
racerbaz on Jan-15-2012

awesome post, thank you!
is there any possibility to combine both the nordschleife and südschleife together so you can drive on the "full" nürburgring?
f1fan1993 on Jan-09-2012

SAFRANE99 on Oct-27-2011

Hi guys,

First of all thanks for all the positive FB on the track, I'm glad everyone seems to like it.
I am always making tweaks and improvements to the mod and all of the input from you gets considered - it seems that there are loads of people who know the place, the history and/or the the modelling stuff better than me.
Thanks to cesniper for your recent comments, I will look at those aspects and make the changes. My PC runs the track fine but I know that frame-rate is king with these projects. And I appreciate that everyone's computer will handle the track differently.
Expect a 2.0 version soon (ish) I am trying to make it a significant improvement and therefore a worthwhile update.
The project is never-ending really and I love the enthusiasm people have for it.
Thanks again.
nick303 on May-31-2011

since I had some spare time I went ahead and changed the .scn and gdb files to show the correct location of track (latitude etc) also the location in text in track information and length as well as the real time lap record, who did it and also the real track distance for fuel consumption.
I sent you a private message here with the link for you to see/test. I hope you dont mind
cesniper on May-26-2011

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