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Sugo 2006 3

By: The Lonely
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 29-Apr-06
Current release: 3, on 16-Oct-07

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Screenie by: mr37
Screenie by: mr37
Screenie by: The Lonely
Screenie by: The Lonely

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Sugo 2006 v3.0 Wet for rFactor by The Lonely


* Extract to rfactor\gamedata\locations
* If you have an old version installed, it is
recommended that you remove it first


* Added Wet Version of all 4 layouts
* Bumps in braking zones
* Updated textures
* Overhauled Shader Settings


* Texture updates by SLN
* Future Conversion Permissions - Granted, but please
credit the people who worked on this and include
this readme.


* Static Wet Reflection
* Reduced Visablility
* Accurate road grip
* Bumps in braking zone for increased braking distances and easier to lock tyres up
* All ways overcast regardless of Sunny\Overcast setting
* Custom Skies
* Wet Spray

DRAWBACKS - due to game limitations

* Poor AI
* No actual rain
* Must use dry tyres

Community Rating

Overall rating since initial release  
380/500 (1781 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
Community Ratings since October 01, 2009   My Ratings
Sense of Immersion
Texture Quality
Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
OK Track Naming
FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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bayu01 on Sep-16-2017








bayu01 on Sep-16-2017

v3 dry version with sharp textures crashes to desktop while loading, how do I run it pls?
Jaromir83 on Jul-25-2017

WTF is wrong with grass? It feels like jelly glue or something. Any fix since it was released?
snoopdriftera on Mar-28-2015

download now,thank you so much.
dvittael on Aug-24-2013

nobody has mentioned the grass here? its like sand!
scottR on Apr-13-2012

Yashio, community members are the ones who supply links. As far as I know, all of these services are free, although some are more tedious to use than others.

rFactorcentral also offers high speed download links, to be used with our 1 click client or simple manual download, and that subscription helps us keep the site going.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jan-31-2011

When did rFactor Central start using these stupid "buy premium or get lost" download mirrors?
YashioFactory on Jan-30-2011

This track really has a fantastic layout! I just wish that AI was a bit faster overall (ok, can also be adjusted by increasing AI strength) but would brake A BIT EARLIER in turn 1. These crashes after start/finish can really ruin offline racing. Besides this, great work!
mcfritt on Mar-10-2009

ihihihhiihih is the best wet tarmac on rF.
mr37 on Oct-07-2008

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