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Supercopa Leon 2006 1.10

By: M@D 69
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 12-Oct-06
Current release: 1.100, on 15-Oct-06

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This modification is made by Marco 'M@D69' Demontis and it simulates the real Seat Leon Supercopa year 2006. The Seat Leon SC MY2006 is a car that provides you up to 301BHP, with a turbocharged 4 cylinders in line 2000CC engine.
The series actually runs over four different countries: England, Spain, Germany and Turkey but only two series - Spanish and German- are adopting the MY2006.

This mod provides you the full grid from German Supercopa (23cars) and Spanish Supercopa (30cars), plus a fictional liveries pack that brings to you the Italian Supercopa (13 cars). This last one is intended as a gift for the people who partecipated to the active betatesting and it's meant for a future use in online leagues. BTW, it seems that in the next year several countries (Italy included) will adopt the MY2006 for a challenging national series.

1.1 Patch

- Fixed mistakes in the HDV file (Bump/rebound values, Inertia, aeroforce for frontwing and some more...)

- Increased POV height in cockpit view;.

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Latest Supercopa Leon 2006 Comments

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i Have no sound in the car .-. can someone help me?
pijael on Jan-27-2013

has anyone still the 1.1 patch and the susp-fix? links are dead :/
Hypothermia on Jul-27-2012

Sorry, my fault, seat can be adjusted...

Great MOD!!
JFLoureiro on Dec-18-2011

Can't see nothing from the drivers view. The top of the stearing wheel is on the eyes line, where you should be seeing the track...
JFLoureiro on Dec-15-2011

This is a great great mod, but i donĀ“t have engine sounds from exterior camera. Can you help me fix it?
carlosbasto on Nov-19-2011

anybody can upload template for this? please...
GillesV on Jun-04-2011

I have no sound on swingman camera mode, how can it fix this?
SiriusV on Dec-14-2010

(To the seat mod team)
I was wandering if you would let me use your car model for a rally game i working on.i have a vid of it in game you can see here

would like the ok from you guys to use with the mod so i can finish the game off and release it.
have tried find your email with no luck
thx. great car model btw
limpster on Mar-30-2010

Hi Marco! I'm Daniel, a Member of GMT, we are work on a VLN/24H-Mod for GTR2. I've seen your really nice Seat Leon Supercopa and want to ask for permission to convert it to GTR2. That car will be a great addon for the grid. Please give us permission... You can answer me also per E-Mail to: Here is our Team-HP: Thanks a long Bye Daniel aka Schuchi
Schuchi78 on Mar-24-2010

Maybe someone can help me...

I've tried twice to install this mod and both times I've got the same problem: when I'm in the car inside the box, I can accelerate without a problem when in neutral, but no matter which gear I engage, the car just refuses to accelerate and move.

Also, no IA gets out of the box, so it seems there's something wrong with this mod that affects all of Seat Lean Supercopa (I've got other mods installed and they work absolutely fine).

Is it something weird on the mod? Or should I check my rFactor installation? Or is the problem a mix of both things?

Any help will be trully appreciated.
Aren on Feb-13-2009

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Supercopa Leon 2006