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Superleague Formula 0.30

By: rJustin
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Open Wheelers
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
Progress Bar:

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: rJustin
Screenie by: rJustin

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Superleague Formula is coming to rFactor!!

SF Concept.

"Superleague Formula is the fusion of the two of the world’s most popular sports – capturing the passion of football with the thrill and excitement of motor racing.

Traditional rivals on the pitch will do battle at some of the world’s greatest racetracks. This is more than just a race, Superleague Formula will provide a spectacular entertainment package for all the family at each event."

Source SF

If you would like to help with the mod please email me at

More News coming soon!


=== NEWS UPDATE 12/27/08 ===

Mod is still under construction but we have lost our modeler so we are in need of one now. If you would like to help us out, please email me through the address above.

Also we will be releasing a SF 2009 Track Pack hopefully along with the mod as a seperate downloadable package. (Depends on when the 09' Schedule is released)


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hey guys, have you heard of the Superleague Formula game? Its made by ISI and its just a repackaging of rFactor, check it out! http://www.superleagueformula....-Formula-2009-The-Game
kartracer76 on Dec-04-2009

Any News?
brainkiller on Jul-30-2009


How is the progress of this mod?, did you have found a modeler ??
Gsus on May-06-2009

we still havent found a guy to finish the car... And we have asked like 30 guys now, i have tried to finish it myself but its taking awhile.

Also the modding team has kinda fallen apart as ive gone on a hiatus from Simracing to focus on my studies.

So if anyone could help with the model it would be very much apprieciated. I am so focused on finishing this mod, as this series deserves a great mod in rFactor.
rJustin on Mar-21-2009

progress ?
Gsus on Mar-17-2009

excuse me...when can you finish this mod?do have you got to work?
molosso on Feb-17-2009

i have asked but he is not interested
rJustin on Jan-21-2009

can you work togehter ?
Gsus on Jan-21-2009

was nice talking to u i hope to hear back on if that modeler is free!
rJustin on Jan-14-2009

Hey rJustin. I just sent you an e-mail. Please check it =)
iceman06 on Jan-13-2009

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