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Suzuka GP4 3

By: TTTTT/Mini Maestro/F1driver
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 10-Aug-06
Current release: 3, on 11-Dec-06

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Suzuka-Gp4 - v2.0, a Conversion by TTTTT, Mini Maestro and F1driver

- 2001 Layout
- 30 Gridspots
- 30 Garages and Pitspots


-Lesser GMT's = Better Fps

-Played with normals

-Less shiny grass
-Fixed Spoon-bug

-Removed track-spec/bump for now (fixes sparkling)

-Reduced Draw-distance a little bit

-Activated track-groove

-Fixed Bridge-shadow-bug, but now it doesn't fall on the car.


-New Textures by F1driver

-New Camera by F1driver

-New 3d-grass and Trees by F1driver

-New other stuff by F1driver

-Different lighting and atmosphere

-Fixed fuel-calculation

-Ambient sounds in weekend mode


-New Textures by F1driver

-Bit more colourly atmosphere

-Increased grid-spots

-Updated Aiw to ISI-standards

-Doublesided some textures

-Fixed some visgroup-bugs


-5 Layouts: 2001, 2005, East, West, 8 Hours

-Total new remodeled 2005 Layout by Katsuo

-East, West and 8 Hours-Layout using the 2005 track

-New main Grandstand and crowd-area modeled by Katsuo

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If you found Sandrox's Z4 butstill couldn't download it, there is also another Z4 GT3 on Pitlaneweb.
MDDeGrande on Sep-22-2015

Link has been updated
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jul-26-2012

and where's the DL link?
Timba123 on Jul-25-2012

Originally posted by: Sasuke024

Where can I find that Z4 GT3??

Google for "F1Classic" --> Register there --> Go to "rFactor Mods" --> Go to "GT Cars" sub-forum --> Look for topic named "GT3 2010 by SandroX" --> Grab it!

No more further questions will be answered; if we can get it, you should have no problem with this. Good luck and be a useful person on the internet!
YashioFactory on Mar-12-2012

Where can I find that Z4 GT3??
Sasuke024 on Jan-16-2012

Seems nice but... can't find MAS file !
GTtuner56 on Nov-29-2010

Could someone please upload a non-Rapidshare version?
thijsmeerveld on Nov-25-2010

Get lost, EOAA... xD
YashioFactory on Sep-04-2010

Great recreation of one of my favourite circuits. Turns 7 and 8 are fantastic!
Clarkles on May-22-2010

I'm trying to run the Suzuka GP4 track on a dedicated server - but the only one showing up is the Suzuka 8 hour track.. Has anbody else found this to be the case? I mean it's all well and good having 5 track layouts, but if you can only host one of them, what's the point? Thanks..
skymonkey on May-18-2009

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