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Swedish Street Cars 0.20

By: Ratakisko Mod Team
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: AtAi
Screenie by: AtAi

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Swedish Street Cars Mod

This mod will include Swedish made street cars, starting from Volvo, and maybe later some Saabs. The cars will be made 2version each, with street or track tune. Both will have many, many uppgradeoptions, like different engines, suspensionpacks, arbs etc. At the moment our development is more on the old school RWD Volvos, but we have not forgotten newer ones.

-V-200: 90%
-V-S80: 50%
-V-850: 95%
-V-S40N: 50%

3D graphics:
-V-854: 90%
-V-855: 5%

2D graphics
-V-854: 90%

Ready .mas:ses:
-V-854: 90%
-V-200: 30%

-V-200: <10%
-V-854: 70%

-V-854: 25%
-V-200: <10%

Our team is looking for:
- 3Dmodel makers
- Help xD
- any help is welcome.

Please contact to ratakiskomodteam (a) gmail . com

23.12.2009: All you, specially jubutib, send us email!! Lets see how you can help us!!

There will be, not @ release, but at least later following cars:
-850 GLT & R (hopefully sedan & saloon)
-S40N T5 & D5
-S80 T6 & D5
-240 TIC & D6
Also track versions of the top of the range models.
Saabs may come, we NEED those models & any help.

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all the quality mods are being abandoned!! please please please someone finish this!?!
twr850 on May-14-2010

when will it be released? any news? really want this mod especially the 850 nice work keep it up!
hukke on Mar-09-2010

I have a black volvo s80 2.9 t6 is a really good car
leocde on Feb-15-2010

I would really appreciateyou doing a Volvo 740 turbo and a 940 gle with the 16 valve engine
radar60 on Jan-28-2010

Originally posted by: narancs

sound nice.. right now I'm working on 850 T5 and 850R..

do a volvo 245 to me pls
gretzky on Jan-06-2010

any news on this thing?
towz-T on Sep-22-2009

Hey, nice to see more people doing street cars, we've already got enough racers I think.

If you need any help with the engines, I can try making some. I can at least handle the power curves and main stuff for the S40, S60, S80, V70 etc. and also older Saabs, I have access to a vast collection of old road test magazines with engine power curves and most common measurements, including gear ratios etc. Just send me a private message if you want my help.
jubuttib on Jun-15-2009

Multiple post, sorry. Admins, if you'd mind, please delete...
jubuttib on Jun-15-2009

Whoops, multiple post, sorry. If the admins can be bothered, please delete...
jubuttib on Jun-15-2009

any news on this mod? can you male all types of engines diesel and the others engines? good luck
lacase on May-27-2009

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