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Swiss Alps Rally 0

By: Ekku Zakku
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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This is a rally stage I started drawing on my notebook in school, with some ideas from the Swiss Rally stages from Rally Trophy and Pikes Peak from rFactor. It's based around a mountain in the Alps, with the beginning of the stage starting in a valley, going through a small village, and then a long climb up to the peak of the mountain, and a lot of elevation change along the way. There will be 3 or 4 main stages, and a full stage around 60 km, with some other stage layouts as well, even a "circuit" going around the mountain. By the final version I hope to have 5 different surfaces: gravel, wet gravel, asphalt, wet asphalt, and snow, as well as 4 types of weather: clear, rain, snow, and heavy fog. All I have done right now is the map, I'll start working on it once I get a basic understanding of 3DS Max. I'll have to throw it in somewhere between school and work, so if I'm lucky I might have a working track done by Christmas. I have a couple of fun and exciting turns and jumps planned for this track (one jump over a destroyed bridge will let you to to take around 15 seconds off your time by allowing you to cut the track, but it will be VERY hard to make, so hard you wouldn't even want to try it!). If anyone would like to help me make this track, they are very welcome to join me, since this is my very first track!

Update 11-06-2007: Added some screenshots of my current progress, I finally got the textures thing down (took me forever) and I just got a Max Script called Mouse Planter which will let me place objects, so we will have some trees soon! Doesn't seem like much now but this is all the progress I've made in learning how to use Max, once I get going I'll have a working track in no time. I should have a working track done by Christmas like I hoped!

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