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Switch rFactor 1.250-1.255 0.74

By: Game_FR & Frank#55

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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RFactor_switch_1250-1255.bat by Frank # 55 & Game_FR

Upgrading from Version 1250 in 1255 automatically.
Compatible Win 2000, Win XP and Vista

1) Installation


IMPORTANT: Version 1250 not patched


Install ZIP files in the directory rFactor



2) Launch install_rFactor_switch_1250-1255.bat it copy

Trymedia in trymedia_1250

RFactor.exe in rFactor_1250.exe

RFactor Dedicated.exe in rFactor Dedicated_1250.exe

4) Install the patch rFactor 1.255F, launch rFactor and validate the license

3) launch 'Launch_rFactor_version.bat'

You can start rFactor version 1,255 or change in rFactor 1,250

There are other options available with


Frank # 55 and Game_FR

Automatic language:
English, French

Other language
German, Spain, Italian, Portuguese

Possible other languages;)

text translate language:

set no_available=Unavailable version DVD

set Autor=Authors
set site=Site

set actif=active

set change=Change

set Credits=Readme

set Options=Options

set retour=Return

set rF_config=rFactor Configuration

set rF_Dedicated=Dedicated rFactor

set chx=Choose # or Q

set quitt=Exit

set Language=Change the language

set enter=and press ENTER

set version=Version

set launch=To start

& translate patch C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop

Let me your translations here;)

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