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TCR Superspeedway 0.10

By: Timothy Chapman
Origin: Composite | Fantasy
Category: Oval Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: TCR_500
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Screenie by: TCR_500
Screenie by: TCR_500
Screenie by: TCR_500
Screenie by: TCR_500

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The account attached to this mod has been deleted. This page will NEVER, EVER, EVER be updated EVER again.

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I've completed a track request a couple months ago for NR2003. It took about 9 months to do. I am working on the race track which is now under the name of Tereana City Superspeedway. I've posted a new screenshot on my facebook page. I'll be updating the rFC page in a few minutes.
TCR_500 on Oct-20-2012

Just please get it done already, at least get it ready so it can be available at the first launch of RF2, we've all been waiting too long for a good oval track like this to really push a car to it's limits.
ritabelu1 on Jun-09-2012

Progress is on hold pending the release of rFactor 2. Progress will be resumed after rFactor 2 is released.
TCR_500 on Jan-02-2011

Slow development. I had to restart the track because of a system error and I lost the backup. I am getting things back in order though. I should have new screenshots available within a month or two.
TCR_500 on Nov-30-2010

Any News?
MarcusKipelov on Oct-01-2010

Okay, the development on this track is going almost full throttle. There are a few bugs I have to work out of the primary infield course and I have to move a few polygons to make a good seem, but I've just about nailed down the geometry for the main track, and the first infield road course. I'll have screenshots of the course soon.
TCR_500 on Jul-13-2010

11 new screenshots are available now.
TCR_500 on Jun-28-2010


I'm starting a new version of the track from scratch. It'll take a while to complete, but it'll have a lot more detail in it, and it should be a bit more friendlier to low-end computers by using multi-resolution track and object geometry.

On the previous beta version, there was quite a few polygons even on the straights which would slow down low-end computers. This version will reduce the polygon count to about 2 polygons per segment on the straights. The banking transitions and the turns will use multi-resolution technology with one invisible track model having the actual collision detection so hopefully, computer performance will not be an issue.
TCR_500 on Jun-11-2010

Sorry to hear you lost the backup to the beta . I guess I'll be a waiting awhile for it but I hope it'll be worth it =D
llama-king on May-25-2010

Yes, I did release a beta version for this track. It was deleted while reworking my website and I lost the backup to that beta version. I do however, have a backup to the track in the NR2003 format which I can easily convert to rFactor. The configuration has been altered to fix a few bugs and to make the track easier to nagotiate when trying to pit.

I have some screenshots posted somewhere of the new configuration and I'll be posting them here as soon as I find them.

By the way, there is a thread herehere concerning my progress on the track.
TCR_500 on May-17-2010

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