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TDWorkFlow Teams 0.80

By: TADS and dualz

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: TADS
Screenie by: TADS
Screenie by: TADS
Screenie by: TADS

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PLEASE NOTE: this is NOT limited to rfactor/rfactor2 it will work for anygame/projects.

This little (not so little) is a team workflow application that is run in real time for adding new projects, adding jobs, assigning job to team members admin roles to administrate the application and members, Real Time updating for all team members when a team member adds a job or updates progress of a job, Also included is a PM system in real time... Also coming in this application is "help files" that the admin can add to the application to help all of their team with making the mod.

IF the application is minimized into the system tray a little sound will play to show you have a new update, pm, message, notification on the team system.

and lots more functions..

come back very soon to get the first release

Screen shot added is the beta worklog we are using for our own dev work including making this application for you all.

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