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TIAida 1.01

By: piro
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 16-May-08
Current release: 1.010, on 13-Apr-09

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Screenie by: piro
Screenie by: piro
Screenie by: piro
Screenie by: piro
Screenie by: piro
Screenie by: piro
Screenie by: piro
Screenie by: piro
Screenie by: TexDinoco
Screenie by: TexDinoco

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V1.01 Changes

Fixed Invalid Garage Position.
Fixed Invalid Start Posision(Grid 32~).
Max 42 Grid&Garage Support.

Fixed Invisible Bump Outside HairPin Curve(05TIAida).
Fixed Cut Track Warning(TIAida)

modify tdf file(Grip Level)
modify virtual startlight position.
The TI Circuit Aida (Present: Okayama International Circuit) is a 2.301-mile (3.7 km) race track near Aida (Present: Mimasaka), Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

Convert From GPL Track.
Original Creater Polar Blue 21.

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452/500 (1657 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Sense of Immersion
Texture Quality
Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
OK Track Naming
FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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It is so fine version you do a great improvement in less time. This version so accurate and well seemed. The like it very much. I see many pictures the pixels are so well arranged and the track is so clean. We appreciate your efforts for this. This is great then the previous one. Keep working on the next update there are many things which have to come. Good luck.
JasmineMaria on Dec-06-2018

His career cultivating his bad boy image, said Mr. Mihevc. The case has paid politically and financially as it seems to relate.
wsdwfw on Mar-02-2015


A much appreciated improvement over the previous version. The topography is more accurate now, however the horizon again lets down the final result.

There is another version of this track for the Formula Nippons, and the topography feels more realistic, because the horizon hills are included in the model, hence they have the right proportions, and you feel like you are driving up a hill on the back straight.

With this track at the moment, the surrounding hills are not in the model, and there is simple a thick line of trees around the track, with a flat horizon around the edge which is 10-15 degress too high, so you dont feel like you are driving up a hill.

Again, the trees in the horizon graphic 2km away are bigger than the trees on the track 300m away, hence the sense of immersion is reduced.

The track surface itself is a massive improvement however, and this is worth a download to see that alone. Well done!
meclazine on Apr-14-2009

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