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By: The Pits
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Stock Cars
Initial release: 09-Feb-07
Current release: 2, on 16-Feb-09

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The Pits StockCar Challenge

Welcome to The Pits Stock Car Challenge!

This mod is for rFactor ( and is a simulated stock car championship based on real stock car racing series. Please note that this series is based on real information gained from those actually in the business, weeks and months have been spent insuring that car physics represent the real thing as closely as possible.

This mod contains fictional cars at a low-res (1024) setting, for high-res cars, please see The Pits for other downloads. Tracks that have been specifically tailored for this mod are also available. Due to this, we only suggest that leagues use tracks that have been tailored for TPSCC. We cannot guarantee the racing performance of cars driven on other tracks.

There will be numerous notes and some setups released with the game, please make sure that you read everything before complaining.

We will NOT be releasing 3dos of any type for this mod.

Please note that an "AddOns" directory can be found in the TPSCC_2008 vehicles folder. This has been added to the TPSCC mod search path, so you can actually add new modifications to vehicles without having to overwrite the original mod files. You can also find a directory called "Templates", this has templates for painting the splitter and wing. The #76 Impala shows how to use it, see filenames.

Other templates (cars, rims, driver suits, helmets, pit wagons, etc.) and car sets will be released at The Pits in the near future ;)

Version Information:
Complete rebuild of our COT mod, bug fixes and graphical additions and modifications. Major physics updates and modifications. Extensive testing went into the final release build, any setups from v1.9.3 will not work with this release. See The Pits TPSCC forum for a link to v2.0 base setups:

public beta

internal release for bug fixes

1.9.1 release
internal release for bug fixes

1.9.0 release
inclusion of Car of Tomorrow, complete overhaul of mod

1.0 release
1) removal of beta test material
2) Fix for audio
3) Fix for pit stop time for damage
4) Fix for several car skins, tires
5) Fix for chassis textures
6) added SSR

1) Updated LoDs for Monte Carlo
2) Updated Physics
3) Updated vehicle files
4) Added special credits to mod
5) Modified setups and talent files
6) Updated spec, bump and paintschemes
7) Updated damage

1) LoDs for all cars
2) Updated Sounds
3) Increased & modified drafting ability
4) Modified Physics
5) Modified Damage (lowered due to wall stick)
6) Bug fixes

1) Increased caution sensitivity for full course cautions on both ovals and roadies.
2) Updated Sounds
3) Support for Spring Rubbers added...You will start the race without any and have the ability to add them during a pitstop as well as removing those added later in the race. Currently there is no way to start the race with any spring rubbers already in the car. They are only part of the pit menu option screen available just as you would change air pressure, wedge, grill tape, etc before a pitstop.
4) More cars
5) Tire adjustments for both tire wear as well as tire pressures.
6) Wedge adjustment--The adjustment is now 0.50 turns instead of the old 0.48 per click. Each "click" is approx equal to 0.1% weight change in crossweight of the car. EX. 10 clicks or 5 rounds of wedge is approx equal to 51% crossweight.
7) Initial damage input from jtbo
8) BGN physics & car from Brian
9) added uninstaller for beta testing

Initial beta build

Known Bugs:
* AI may not operate correctly at all times - we have tweaked and played with the AI for awhile. They actually act better than in TPSCC v1.0, so that's good.

* Car damage may not always be portrayed correctly - The damage model for rFactor leaves a bit to be desired, hopefully they'll fix that in future versions. Be aware that we've tweaked the damage quite a bit, it should seem fairly realistic in many instances, but not in all of them.

Credits (in no particular order):
Jim "DT99" Kerekes - Beta tester, Templates, 2D graphics, Car painter, Car files, Tin can stringer
Scott Ryerson - 2d graphics, Car Painter, Windows and Templates, Beta Tester (Brian's flying monkey)
Joel "Joel_71" Edick - BETA tester, Track Updater, Car Painter
Duke "DukeM" Mayle - Car Painter, Beta Tester, Hillbilly Deluxe
Matthew "Kuruma85" Wells - Car painter
Scott "Tigger" Stockton - 3d car models, 2d graphics, gen and ini file coding, fish slap beta tester
Jerry "Callihan" Eldred - TPSCC League, Tracks, Testing, Migraines, Shop Stalker, Official Pits Stealth Photographer
AJ "ajshoe" Shoemaker - Car Painter, Beta Tester, Wall pounding, sheet metal twisting, extraordinaire
Greg "G'Kar" Carrier - Beta Tester, Tire fryer
Sheldon "BossCaper" Beddow - Painter, Beta Tester
Scott "MethylEthyl" Hensley- sound
Craig "Fallin" White - Beta Tester
Tony Kelley - painting, templates
Darrell Watts - pit wagon templates and 2008 Cup carset pit wagon paints
Phil Wardog - driver suit/helmet templates
Gator Jorgeson - Stock Cars may not have headlights, but why waste a perfectly good button (a template will allow you to tweak this as well)?
Jan "Jan Kohl" Kohl - installer, painter, Royal PitB, fishhead wrangler

Thanks To:
ISI - For the best racing sim
David Noonan - 3dSimEd & support
NAWSCAR/TPSCC Racing League - testing and input
Tim McArthur - ftp hosting
Justin Jacobs - testing models, reference photos, general information
To those people behind the curtain!

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

NOTE: TPSCC is part of the Series.

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