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Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Rally
Initial release: 27-Jul-10
Current release: 1, on 27-Jul-10

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Screenie by: anger
Screenie by: anger

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Con questo mod potrete guidare un trattore.Un mod molto semplice,senza alcune pretese,creato per far divertire e per creare qualcosa di originale. I modelli sono piuttosto semplici,così come gli effetti sonori.Usatelo con i circuiti dirt rally.
Chiunque può modificare o migliorare il presente mod,purchè indichi almeno il mio nome in caso di future release.

Versione 1.0

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321/500 (355 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Sense of Immersion
Realistic Damage
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wont install !! help please
vogler73 on Aug-14-2012

wont install !! help please
vogler73 on Aug-14-2012

Well Done! So great I installed and uninstalled within 5 mins! Scared to even turn off the limiter with the handling! Alright graphics though. abye a version 2 would be a good idea?
07890799040 on Mar-06-2012

can you add a blade to it so i can grade my dirt oval?
Zack1! on Aug-29-2011

This is really bad mod. 3D Model is catastrophic, also rest of this mod. :-(
sadistiko on Sep-24-2010

Willem,extract the rar archive.Then open the my folder "gamedata" and copy the folder "rfm" in the main rfactor folder.
Then put the my folders "sounds" and "vehicles" in the main "gamedata" folder of rfactor.
Overwrite if request.
lucadataranto on Aug-01-2010

Hi. as i have downlaoded i have the .rar. file where i have to put in which MAP?
willem1994 on Aug-01-2010

Why didn't they call it the RTractor? really missed out there, lol.
monkeyboy85 on Jul-30-2010

New download link here:
lucadataranto on Jul-30-2010

Yes, free space is expired on Filefactory.I'll upload the mod on another server.
lucadataranto on Jul-30-2010

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