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TV Style 2010 by Corte 1

By: Corte

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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~~~~~~ TV Style 2010 by Corte ~~~~~~

It's final version my tv style on 2010.

In file include:

F12010v2 - speedmeter on the left
F12010v2right - speedmeter on the right


Extract to: rFactorPluginsTVStyle


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Looks perfect. Great job Corte.
redbulljack14 on Dec-08-2010

looks cool & works gr8!! cheers dude : )
Pedro1968 on Nov-28-2010

does this work with F1 2010 Dazor?
feepit684 on Aug-27-2010

No download link yet...
rm3rt on Jul-24-2010

Can this be used with Map Plugin?
Thanks in advance.
Zireael on Jul-15-2010

Schumiro on Jul-14-2010

Where can I download this addon please?
vilyjix on Jul-14-2010

danielrds on Apr-27-2010

Yes, where is the download link?? or is in WIP yet??
JoN-KaL on Apr-14-2010

where are download link ??
Uotpia on Apr-13-2010

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