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TV Style Display 0.91

By: ItalianFactory

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: fede46
Screenie by: fede46
Screenie by: fede46
Screenie by: fede46
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Screenie by: prunn

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TV style 0.91 for rFactor 1250 v
0.91 Upgrade: (0.9 REQUIRED)

Fixed in the 0.91 upgrade patch:

- CTD before start a session
- Datagrid error with "Mod Selector"

Framework 2.0 required

If the TV-STYLE flash during the overlay:
PRESS CTRL+F to view the FPS, It can solve the problem.


Added in 0.9 version :

- The styles are:
- RF1_2007 (like F1 2007)
- RF1_TEST (like F1 2007 practice session)
- RF1_CLASSIC (Like old F1)
- RFM (like DTM)
- STOCKCAR (like Nascar)
- VALENTINO (like motoGP)

- New TVConfig with preview.
- Save Lap time to HD.
- New TVMenu to set the hotKey and save the "Best Lap" or "Personal Best Lap" to use it in the test sessions.

Practice, Qualify, Warm Up:

- RevCounter and SpeedMeter (only for your car)
- Tower Standings with time if a driver make a PB
- Gap from Pole (for all sector)
- Speed and Pole's Speed (for all sector)
- Time to go.


- RevCounter and SpeedMeter (only for your car)
- Qualify Standings at the start.
- Best Lap, Last Lap, Speed Standings,etc...when you want.


Plugin features and Note:
-It s possible switch driver’s tvcam by numpad 1-9 , you can use combined numpad 1 and 2 for switch on 12nd driver for example.
-Plugin check for any mod and track your time or Best time lap ( look plugin option) , when you left a session, its compare the BL in your HD with the last time session, if best,its update the file on your Hd.
You can look it from Plugin setting , and you can to refer to it in TEST session, the BL driver start with *.
-The Apex speed classification overlay refer to actual driver position.


Version 0.5 beta:

- Dis/Enable TV Overlay.
- TV-Style config (you can make or modify the styles and with
"mod selector" function set a different style for all mod).

Practice, Qualify, Warm Up:
- Live timing Monitor with 2 function (Live and Best Timing).
- gMeter, gForce, Throttle and Brake (only for your car).

- gMeter, gForce, Throttle and Brake (only for your car).
- Tower Standings Lap by Lap.
- Postion Standings when you want.
- Gap from nearest car (for all sector).
- Red light.
- Lap to go.
- Fastest Lap.
- Pit time.


Thanks to:

Dalhil, Villengel for some graphics parts,
Simoneser & Lucignolo79 for the aid with the Styles,
Codex for the F1 revMeter image,
Michael Koch "Miko", MLucky, Maxim9

and special thanks to ALL THE BETA-TESTER !!!
Dalhil, RickyS, Lucignolo, Asmagic, Matthias Egger, Iron,
Simoneser, F1Dave, Denny, Magnus, Salvo, Iarno, Rotw team.

ItalianFactory support :

For new Styles, patch and other :

Carlo Maker : Data Processing
Dinix : Graphics Processing

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reiner09 on Aug-21-2018

I have a problem with tv style plugin. The moment I installed it on my windows 10 laptop the game stopped working. However the map plugin works fine. Any suggestions?
majumdararitra20 on Jul-14-2018

Great plug-in. Thank you.
192.168 l 254
ThomasTailer on Apr-19-2018

TV Style V0.91 Upgrade Patch,It can be upgraded
Cleveland on Sep-27-2017

It is not compatible for windows 8. Does anyone know a solution for it?
pgledesma on Nov-28-2015

Please make it compatible for Windows 10 !!!

Please make it compatible for Windows 10 !!!

Please make it compatible for Windows 10 !!!
belletti on Sep-06-2015

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