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Talladega Short Track SBS 1.10

Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 06-Mar-08
Current release: 1.100, on 06-Mar-08

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Screenie by: SBS_JR
Screenie by: SBS_JR

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This track came about awhile ago, while the new tally v1.5 from HAR fixed some problems, they also adjusted the traction which didnt suit the Sprints anymore so PRO Lash got permission to put the fixes in the v1.0 track without the traction fixes, anyway because this was never put in a different folder it has caused mismatches for people not knowing which one to be run.. So I have taken care of this problem by creating this tracks own place.. Now you can run the HAR v1.5 and this SBS v1.1... You do not need to remove any tracks for this to work...

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Tracks for the races we know the all how to ride the cars there on the totally must to contain the speed and power of the most cars. If the delivery boy will take this track for the covering of essays order then will pass the short tracks soon to complete the order.
pixefexu on Oct-16-2018

been there before. love the track needs to be more red clay type textures than what is currently used.
(-SMAKU-}_Thompson on Oct-15-2008

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