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Taquaral (Campinas) 1

By: Zeuchoa and Adriano Augusto & SlimJim
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 12-Oct-08
Current release: 1, on 12-Oct-08

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Screenie by: Ajax.005
Screenie by: Ajax.005
Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa

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This Track is located in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.

modelling by Adriano Augusto

convertion to rFactor by SlimJim

Wet version by Zeuchoa

Just extract the rfactor folder in the proper directory.

Visit ou personal blogs and the team's page (zeuchoa's racesims blog) (BRDEV team official site)

Many thanks to The Lonely for his wet track tutorial.

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Rage9one, i cannot find a copy of the wet version to re-upload, have emailed the author, hopefully they can re-upload.
[RFC]-Fresh! on Jul-03-2013

Both links with wet track are down. please fix this
Rage9one on Jul-02-2013

Nice track! Well done! And... this track is near of my grandmother's house aoihsoaihsoa
Henrich on Oct-24-2009

eu colocaria varios bumps nas curvas 1 e 3, e algumas zebras bem altas...
fmarcao on Jun-11-2009

Adriano, Great work! The textures are top notch and so is the modeling! Too bad people aren't payed to do this stuff!!

kartracer76 on Jan-22-2009

Really nice Kart Track! It's even better, 'coz it have a Wet version! ^^
Ryko on Nov-10-2008

how is this not rated better? this is the best kart track on rfactor!
anthony stuart on Nov-08-2008

We had a online race on this track and had some problems with wet version. Some players get DQ without of reason. Thats a pity? becuse track is good i think
nazaroff on Nov-01-2008

Nice track! Well done.
Spike(WP) on Oct-14-2008

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