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Taruma 1.20

By: rickylix
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 15-Jul-07
Current release: 1.200, on 29-Jul-07

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Well, here it is! After 2 and 1/2 months of work, I finally got Taruma race ready. It all started when i saw a post from "Notorious2" on RSC asking for a modder to create this track.I thought it would be cool for me to try, so made a BTB version of the track and uploaded it. i then got an emal from Mat Stumpf, who is a sim and real-life Brazilian race car driver who said there was a GP4 version around and he got permission from Auradrummer to convert it. i found it, downloaded it and started to learn how to convert the track. From what i heard GP4 to rFactor was very hard and I can tell you that it is, but now that i understand it more, it's actually quite easy. I cant even tell you how many hours this took. It was a lot like a part time job. My thoughts go out to all other modders out there who put time and effort to release a quality product..
As for the track..
It is fully race ready! Everything works, you can drive on any surface. It is a fantastic road course. You are almost full throttle throughout the entire lap. i clocked a 48:60 in a Champ Car. Its definitely a fun track! the AI is pretty good, you may want to adjust their rates in your own settings. All garages and pits are accessible. There are a few little bugs here and there. mainly, a few flashing textures of trees and 1 surface at the last garage and at the pit out. Most of them depend on what view you use. Which brings me to the cam file. Its a little off, but does the job for now. Other than that, I think this track Rocks!
Tools used: 3DSMax8, 3DSimed 1.5, Adobe Photoshop, GP4Builder, Tex Resizer,
Deep Exploration, Marlboro Lights and Dr.Pepper.
Special Thanks:
My Wife for all her patience and spport, Mat Stumpf, Auradrummer, Uzzi, Mkilner, Freew67, Locke, ISI, Frank-br, Team Tundra, RSC and of course, rFactorCentral..

Place Taruma folder in your gamedata/locations folder.
Please delete any Taruma.hat files from previous versions if you downloaded any beta's of the trac. located in your userdata/log/hat folder.

1,1 Fixes
added pit in/pit out lights. working
added start lights. working.
fixed flickering texture in last garage
changed some tree walls

changed clip planes in scn to 1500

1.2 fixes

fixes: The grass on the pit entrance tamed the kerbing-this fix is big and they work awesome!

fixed AIW-they are fierce! 46.0(Champ Cars) in race

changed some road textures

now has 28 individual pits and garages

fixed some sections of track adjusted pitlightout to match xpitout

added cube map to most objects

adjusted the trees more removed a few objects(really small stuff you would have never seen either way)

upped lod's on just about everything(no pop ups)

adjusted lod's in cam file

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rommutd on Apr-14-2017

Great job, mate!
Your hard work is very much respected and appreicated.
Thankyou very much!
LeftFootBrake on Apr-13-2017

Conversion mod for F1 Challenge 99-02 76. The mod is based on Release 1 for the Team Challenge CREW, with an excellent work by Neiln1 added!
newstart027 on Oct-12-2016

Valeu ae pelo grande e melhor circuito do Sul do Brasil!
Bavaresco on Oct-09-2011

Assisti as 12 horas de Tarumã no Speed Channel pra conferir a pista. Achei essa muito parecida com a real, além de ser uma pista rápida com curvas de alta. Curto muito acelerar umas Fuketas, Clios e Stockcar Light nessa pista!!!

Excelente trabalho!!

blackdodge on Mar-04-2011

Hi rickylix! My name is Fabiano Bresolin Zanon, I´m from Brazil and Mat Stumpf is my Friend. I have a 1981 Ford Galaxie Landau V8 5.0 to race on the Formula Classic RS ( ). Well, I would like to ask about if You can do Guapore Race Track ( ) and Velopark ( ) and . See the videos on board at the first link. I wasn´t racing, just recording to make the movies after.

So, if you can think about it it will be great.

Here in Rio Grande do Sul, South of Brazil we have the four tracks : Taruma, Guaporé, Santa Cruz do Sul and Velopark.

Thank you for the tracks and you great work.

Check my race car on board videos at

Keep Walking, Running and Working!!!!!!!!!
landau302 on Aug-12-2010

nice track rickylix (its me f1freaK from the f1 society)
pmoolin on Jun-26-2010

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