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Taupo 2008 1

By: Gianni B Pallotti
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 07-Jun-09
Current release: 1, on 07-Jun-09

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Screenie by: GBP
Screenie by: GBP

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A very basic design track made from scratch using only Google Earth, Bob Track Builder and rFactor AIWCAM Editor.
Thanks to the people that have contributed for the BTB XPack files so far.
Some basic changes from the Beta version .. plus both Tracks, national and A1GP are availbale.

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Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
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Realistic Track Surface
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Can I convert this track to F1 Challenge '99-'02?


WJB1804 on Jan-16-2016

How nice you all have been racing this track. I have all possibilities trying to install it - it does´nt work... Regards!
moppelino on Jul-29-2012

This is the link for the latest version of the track (track 4 - without the kink by the 2nd pit area)... Only problem I have difficulty in getting the AIW to work properly and now rFactors freezes when in the week-end racing mode, but ok for practicing...

Just unpack the file to the Location/Taupo2008 folder... If anyone can sort out the problem would be great... I will be gone for a while and no time to sort this out. Thanks
GBP on Sep-11-2009

nice track any updates on the way have a problem with starting grid
cars don't follow grid slots they go in a straight line through the pit wall?
any ideas
lukaslayne on Aug-21-2009

Hi Kaspa, the official web site shows different track layouts.. I took the one from Google earth. Do you have a plan view of the correct layout that you can send me?
e-mail at:
GBP on Aug-18-2009

absolutly fantasic , i can now get in some more practise and hopefully get my PB down a tad, only dissapointment is the track layout still follows the old configuration with the dogleg between turn 7 and 9 which has now been altererd to make turn 9 the fastest corner on the track, is there any posibility of updating this. other wise very impressed
cheers Kaspa
Kaspa1 on Aug-18-2009

thanks man, i have been on taupo many times, i hope there is the camber ?
tho u say from google earth, the pic looks good but i know this track has some interesting cambers as most tracks do,

cant wait to try (downloading now)
rodney007 on Jul-28-2009

Please use the latest download link under ..: "Taupo2008 rev. 1.0"
or directly from
I'm still learning a lot about AIW files and originally I had major problem with this track..
Does anyone have a link to a Forum dedicated to this AIW file?
GBP on Jun-08-2009

Very nice work on the track.

A couple of problems I see though are the AIW don't pit in their stalls during practice and the grid itself only holds 19 cars.

The garages hold quite a few cars which is good.

Would it be possible to make the grid bigger to allow for more cars to race?

slider916 on Jun-07-2009

Unable to download track thru Mediafire. Invalid file error.
DDawg on Jun-07-2009

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