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Temp Cars 1

By: Panoz4Prez/Mudsnow

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Replace rFactor's default temp cars with police cars, golf buggies, you name it. Special thanks to Panoz4Prez and MudSnow

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Sad to say no one at rFactor Central even bothers to check links anymore. This one had been DEAD for over 4 years.................
woofgm on Apr-24-2013

Sadly no link, so why uploading when there is no link?
erwin greven on Nov-07-2010

No links???
he162a on Nov-07-2010

Where is the damn link download lol?
thedevilsilvia on Mar-28-2010

For an Add-On which seems to be loads of fun, where's the damn link lol?
JGee on Jan-05-2010

wheres the link??
hvanpelt on Nov-24-2009

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